Corn Poppy: The National Flower of Poland

Poland National Flower

Corn Poppy

The National Flower of Poland is Corn Poppy. It belongs to the family of Papaveraceae the order of Ranunculales and kingdom is Plantae. Its scientific name is papaver. It is also known as corn rose, field poppy, red poppy and papaver rhoeas. It is yearly herbaceous kind of flowering tree in the poppy is best agriculture wild flower that’s why its name Called it “corn” and “field”. Its abundance and large scale measure and taken as crop.

But actual kind of Papaveraceae on large scale is papaver somniferum commonly known as the opium poppy.

it is a variable, random, erect seasonal flower. It  forms  a everlasting  soil seed bank .it can grow when the soil is disturbed. In late spring it opens  In the northern hemisphere .during warm weather enormous flowers start grow in autumn. Its height grows to 70 centimeter.

It has large size and showy appearance. Across the flower it has 50 t0 100 millimeter length

It has four petals of red color and most of the time have a black spot at the base. Its stem is covered with hairs concentrated at right angles to the surface.this appearance differentiate it from other kinds of the same species  like papaver dubium. In other species the hair are air crossed. It held close to the other kinds.its capsule type is without hair, egg shaped .

Its width are twice as its tallness.the stigma size is same as the capsule.during or after the breaking of tissus it change from white to yellowish.

For the first time it was introduced by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. His work published in 1753 by the name of plantarum species.

10 Facts about Corn Poppy Flower

  • It is the native and most popular flower of Poland country.
  • At the end of a World War- I it becomes the symbol of dead soldiers.
  • It has different color the most popular is red poppy.
  • The Corn Flower has several petals make the flower beautiful and protect its nucleus.
  • It has a blue color types flower since nineteen sixty 1960 the national flower of Estonia country eight 1968.
  • The Rotin bread use by the people of Estonia is symbolizes by this blue species flower.
  • This species also represents some political and national party of Estonian. Finnish political party, The Estonian political party, People’s Union, the Liberal People’s Party,National Coalition Party.
  • It signify the Swedish political party.
  • It is also the symbol of social liberalism from last century.
  • On 11th November 1918 a day of peace agreement in France is celebrated as a symbol of this flower.
  • It is also use as common symbol for old-time troupers (especially the nonoperational poilus of World War I). just like the poppy flowers worn in the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • It is considered as useful wild flower.
  • It can be use for food especially For cooking and food decoration can be used as a special  beauty  also adds extra taste and salad decoration.
  • For tired eyes it  provide freshness  also it is use as herbal medicine for eyes related. its blue color and historical significance it has been prized and use for prize.
  • It is also the important ingredients of tea and herbal tea .
  • Modern invented tea known as lady grey also well known by which is the variation of Earl Grey tea. It is scented with oil of bergamot (orange size citrus fruit).
  • For love purpose It is worn by young men in folklore.Sometimes believed that the man love was not give back if the flower pale or washed-out very fast.
  • It is also the  known as the official flower of  the province of Swedish Ostergotland.
  • In European countries some school has favorite flower of the founder of school , Winchester College and  Dulwich College and also imprinted on school and college logo.
  • It becomes the significant Logo of Conservative People’s Party of Estonia.
  • At the opening ceremony of Austrian parliament in 2006 it was worn by members of the Freedom Party.
  • it is also considered as romantic,excitation and inspirational flower in Germany.
  • It is also the official symbol of annual German American Steuben parade because of its traditional association.
  • Also the symbol of some disease like motor neuron disease( a specific disease use in volunteer muscle that causes  death of neurons) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • Horrow School in London England(The students of the independent boarding school that is ) and the boys are famous on the name of Harrovians also wore cornflower sometime.
  • Due its beautiful nature and multiple social use ,attractiveness and useful uses Corn Flower. becomes more popular in United Kingdom, Canada ,United States  and Australia that’s why it become the symbol of Corning Glass Works.

Corn poppy  Flower meaning:

Corn Poppy Flower

Corn Poppy Flower

The word corn flower means especially corn means “grain” such as (wheat, barley, rye, or oats). It also uses in the meaning of friendship, Wealth, prosperity, fortune. It is also use as a symbolic meaning in Estonia as bread.The word  Papaver, also ‘papa’, is derived from Latin  means  food or milk and ‘rhoeas’ means red in Greek

Why is corn poppy the national flower of  Poland ?

Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know the national flower of Poland.

The corn poppy is attractive and beautiful flower of grow in different countries.due to its multi purpose medical and herbal use and also social event Corn Poppy officially becomes the national flower of Poland.

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Corn Poppy: The National Flower of Poland
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