Dahlia Pinnata: The National Flower of Mexico

Dahlia Pinnata Mexico National Flower

Dahlia Pinnata Flower

The National Flower of Mexico is Dahlia Pinnata. It belongs to the family of Asteraceae sub family of Asteroideae order of Asterales, tribe of coreopsideae super tribe of Helianthodae. Its scientific name is Dahlia Pinnata. It is mostly found in Mexico, Central America and Colombia but its native area is Mexico. Dahlia has forty two 42 species. This type is hairy, tuberous root, non-woody and long lasting plant.

It’s closely related to sunflower, chrysanthemum flower, zinnia and daisy. It’s common growth processing can be seen in garden. That is it is the garden plants. The shape of the flower vary with respect to head per stem.it can be small as it is range from 5 centimeter two inches(5 cm,2in) in diameter or it may be thirty centimeter 30cm(1ft) dinner plate.

The different version comes in species is due to that dahlia cell has eight complete sets of chromosomes.in other words it has homologous chromosomes as compared to other plants where most of them have only two(2).

Despite of this quality it has a large number of  transposes, that is its DNA structure that change its position with respect to or within a genetic material of an organism.

The structure and shape of stems are leafy from its basic level. Its height is ranging from thirty cm(30cm,12inch) to 1.8-2.4 meter(6-8ft.). Unlike other flower most of the species has unscented flowers or cultivars.

Like other plants which have no ability or self-interest to attract pollinating insects through fragrance.

Their color shining normally and show most kinds excluding blue color. It is the annual flowering plant. Its roots shows leaves style from its early stage. Some species have non-woody branch/twig, while others have roots which shows the absence of secondary skin. In winter it gets inactive and allow it extra time for growth.

On the basis of the head is composite having both central disc florets and surrounding ray florets. Every flower of the plant has its own accurate position, but its petal description often comes incorrect during inspection and using by horticulturist

10 facts about Dahlia flower

  • Dahlia Pinnata is native and most popular flower of the Mexico country.
  • Dahlia Flower color is pink like rhododendron flower.
  • It was discovered by the mighty Aztec Indians a very long time ago approximately in 16th
  • Dahlia pinnata is a hairy, non-woody and long lasting flower
  • As a food its leaves use in salads.
  • The American dahlia society (ADS) recognized that there is twenty types and many sub types of this flower.
  • They can be grown by seeds and tubers.
  • It needs full sun concentration and deep rich soil for better growth.
  • Its most of the roots flat when the eye position is pointed upward.
  • It needs deep digging of 3-6 inches and 18-24 inches apart from other plants.
  • Unlike other flower it can be planted with adding bone meal or a low nitrogen fertilizer.
  • The very early stage of plantation there is no need of water.
  • It pollination performed by insects.
  • It is used by some plants as a food for specific species.
  • Appearance of the takes2-4 weeks after plantation.
  • After growth if more flowers need then center leaves should be cut out of four default sets.
  • For the strong and more new florets the old flowers should be removed.
  • The stem and other part should be stick well before or at planting in order for better.
  • As it needs less water at early stages more watering will decay the tubers.
  • During or after plantation more nitrogen fertilizer produce more vegetation and less flower.
  • The early/oldest Aztecs who ruled this place used this as food crop.
  • In 1920 the Golden Gate Park was ornamented by “Dahlia Dell” in San Francisco.

Dahlia Flower meaning:

Dahlia Pinnata Flower

Dahlia Pinnata Flower

The older name of the flower composite is actually derived from the word composite (complex, combine). Its modern name Asteraceae which is the family of more other flower means displaying and appearance of a star with surrounding waves/rays. The scientific name of the flower Dahlia use in the language of floras, means dignity and instability, as well as meaning my gratitude exceeds your care. The Aztec who ruled the country before the Spain conquer uses the name dahlia as “Acocotli” or water-cane.

Why is Dahlia the national flower of Mexico ?

Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know the Mexico national flower.

The attraction towards this flower is the high devotion of Mexican people with flowers. According to Mildred Boyd the people of can’t live without flowers .

The love towards flower can be seen that each and every home of the city/country has decorated and planted with flowers. It does not matter how the home condition is either it is ruined, construction stage or fully stable in all respect you will see there can and vessel of flowers planted in a different area of the home and its surrounding. In addition to this market shops and stalls decorated with different colors and types of flowers, also parks, gardens, public places, school colleges and government offices ornamented with flowers.

The flower Dahlia Pinnata was actually become the national flower of Mexico in 1963. There are different kinds of flowers available but it has unique characteristics. So due to its elegant look today the flower remains the National Flower of Mexico this was first discovered by the mighty Aztec Indians so long ago.

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Dahlia Pinnata: The National Flower of Mexico
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