Golden Eagle: The National Bird of Scotland

Golden Eagle Scotland Bird

Golden Eagle

The National bird of Scotland is Golden Eagle. Its scientific name is Aquila chrysaetos. It belongs to Phylum Chordata a class of Aves the order of Accipitriformes a family of Accipitridae and kingdom of Animalia. As the name suggested the color of birds are dark brown. It has lighter golden-brown plumage on the back side of the neck.

This species of young eagles have a white color tail and often have white markings on the wings. This species of the bird use their agility and speed combined with powerful feet and massive sharp talons to snatch up a variety of prey. like rabbits, hares, marmots and other ground squirrels.

Eagle has strong eyesight for searching food, strong feet for holding food, and a strong curved mouth or bill for tearing flesh with heavy heads and beaks.

Scotland Eagles are strong, large, powerfully built. Hunt and feed on animals and also birds that eat very small insects. In most human populated areas its appearance is very limited or totally disappears. But still in some areas it is found honestly omnipresent.

Just like mostly found in Eurasia, North America, and parts of North Africa. It is only found in Scotland not in other parts of UK.

The smallest species of this bird have relatively longer and more evenly broad wings. Quick and exact target attack and faster flight despite the reduced size of aerodynamic feathers. Due to powerful eyesight, it has 3.6 times greater human insight for the eagle.

This powerful eyesight enables them to mark prospective target from a large distance. The intense eyesight ability is primarily attributed to their very large pupils which guarantee minimum diffraction (scattering) of the incoming light.

Scottish national bird maintains home ranges or territories that may be as large as 200 km2 (77 sq mi). The Scotland national bird golden eagle is a very large, dark brown raptor in color with extensive or far-reaching wings.  Ranging from 66 to 102 cm (26 to 40 in) in length and from 1.8 to 2.34 m (5 ft 11 into 7 ft 8 in) in wingspan.

There are many types of an eagle .The golden eagle is the 2nd largest of all species. The other common species of eagle (bald eagle) having snow white -feathered head and white tail is the proud national bird symbol of the US. In near future, it is obsoleted.

For many years bald eagles were hunted for sport and for the protection of fishing grounds. The double-headed eagle which is very familiar in Russia.

Due to its popularity and government level acceptance, it is featured on Official and personal coats of arms, stamps, coins, and military flags of Russia. In Aves, world eagles have a top ranked because of its size and power of many eagles (raptor) species as they are the food chain apex predator (carnivore, meat eater).

10 Exciting Facts about Golden Eagle

  • Golden Eagle is the most popular and native bird of Scotland.
  • Both male and female look alike. Its dark brown plumage with paler, golden, feathers around their heads necks and shoulders.
  • The Golden Eagle in Scotland is very rapid and can dive upon their target at speeds of more than 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour.
  • They’re very territorial birds and loyal to their home ground.
  • It is well-through-out the most superlative fliers among eagles and possibly among all raptorial bird.
  • Diet: A golden eagle’s diet consists primarily of mammals such as rabbits, ground squirrels and marmots, as well as reptiles and birds.
  • The revelation of this bird is among the sharpest as compared to other bird and studies shows that some eagles can mark an animal the size of a rabbit up to two miles away.
  • Many of two species of the eagle, The Harpy one and the Philippine Eagle have wings that spread 2.5m across and use their massive, sharp fingernails  to kill and carry off targets like deer and monkeys.
  • The strong talons (fingernails) help this bird to control target easily and in short time the victim becomes unable to move or alive.
  • Mostly reside and make their (nest) in high cliffs and tall trees.
  • Local Americans gave eagle feathers to foreigners or non-native Americans and also members of other tribes who were believed worthy.
  • It’s symbolic meaning represents Protection, Guardianship, Masculinity, Dominance, Control, Freedom, Community, Command, Action Authority.
  • The study shows that due to strong vision eagles can spot animal the size of a rabbit up to two miles away.
  • Eagle is featured on the coat of arms, Oil Rivers Protectorate and Southern Nigeria Protectorate as an emblem.
  • The responsibility of the death of many Golden Eagles is due to the Breeders  who manage the land used for annual grouse-shooting are believed to be, who prey on the grouse.

The Meaning and History of Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

The history of golden eagle dates back to 1758 Linnaeus  described it for the first in his Systema naturae as Falco chrysaetos. Since most of the eagle, birds were grouped largely on the basis of apparent characteristics at that time.

So many of them were grouped by Linnaeus in the Falco genus. Zone or area was given simply as (Europa) which was later fixed to Sweden. Later on, it was stimulated to the novel species Aquila by French ornithologist Mathurin Jacques Brisson in 1760.

The scientific name of the golden eagle is the combination two words .The Aquila is Latin word use for or means “eagle”, possibly derived from aquilus, “dark in color”. The second-word chrysaetos is Ancient Greek for the golden eagle derived from khrusos, (gold)and aetos, (eagle). So combined the name Aquila chrysaetos means golden eagle.

Why is Golden Eagle the national bird of Scotland ?

The charming and powerful bird exist in 431 pairs in the whole Scotland. Because here they are safe and feel good and reasonable environment. Due to its population and enormous quality a Petitioner Stuart Housden OBE on behalf of RSPB Scotland requested the Scottish parliament and government to officially declare golden eagle as national bird by taking the majority of people opinion.

Also suggested him that this can be done either through legislation, or through a parliamentary motion. After his hard work and interest in this regard finally on 1 April 2014 he Committee agreed to write to a number of Parliamentary Committees.

On 3 June 2014 second success achieved Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Finally on 23 February 2015 the Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7. After this decision they invite RSPB Scotland to undertake or arrange a public opinion on whether a national bird of Scotland is needed or not and, if so, what it should be.

So after public opinion and majority vote the golden eagle becomes an icon of Scotland wild, printed on company logos, place names and ancient burial sites etc. Due to all these facts golden eagle becomes the national bird of Scotland country. This was a detailed guide and information all about Golden Eagle bird. Kindly let us know your thoughts about it in comments.

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