What is the National Animal of Honduras?

Honduras national animal

White-Tailed Deer – Honduras national animal

White-tailed deer is the national animal of Honduras. They are found in North America and Central America. They are also known as the Doble de Cuero or White-tail Deer.

The Honduras national animal The white-tailed deer is one of the most widely distributed species in North America. Its range extends from Canada to Alaska, from New England to the tip of South America, and from the Canadian Prairies to the Gulf Coast. It has been introduced into New Zealand, Cuba and Jamaica as well as several Caribbean islands such as Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Jamaica.

Scientfic Classification of White-tailed deer

Scientific name: Odocoileus virginianus
Family: Cervidae
Order: Artiodactyla
Phylum: Chordata
Kingdom: Animalia

Physical Description

The Honduran white-tailed deer has a brown coat with black spots on their bodies which gives them their name “White-Tailed Deer” because it looks like a white tail on each side of their backside when they are running away from you or when they are alarmed at something strange around them like people or other animals that are near them such as wild pigs that can be a danger for these

Fun facts about White-Tailed deer

  • White tail deer is the official, famous and native animal of Honduran country.
  • The white tail deer is a large deer that has white fur on its tail and rump, and a black tip on its tail. They also have two pairs of antlers, one on each side of their front legs.
  • They are found in most of Asia and parts of North America. They are also native to Europe, Africa and Australia.
  • The white tail deer has been known to live up to 20 years old; however they usually live between 10 years old on average.
  • The adult male white tail bucks can weigh up to 200 pounds while the females weigh between 150-200 pounds at maturity.

Why is White Tailed deer the National Animal of Honduras?

The white-tailed deer was chosen as the Honduran national animal because of its importance in the country’s economy. The white-tailed deer is a popular game animal that is hunted for sport by many people in Honduras. It is also used for meat production and hides. The meat of this species can be used for human consumption or sold at market places throughout the country.