Iris: The National Flower of France

Iris national flower of france

The National Flower of France is Iris and its Iris (scientific name). The Iris flower belongs to Iridaceae family and sub family of Iridoideae. No compromise on the round iris all should be planted with the stem at or just below the soil surface. Late summer is the best time to move or divide most iris. When dividing iris reduce the rhizome to a young, active piece, discarding the old stem.

Water all iris in dry weather the first season after transplanting to help them establish a new root system. Plant spherical iris 4-8″ deep in autumn. Juno iris should only be planted 2″ deep. Lift and divide stem as the leaves weaken.

Iris national flower most species can be grown from seed although some may take many years to flower. Its hybrid will not come true to name. Feed with a low nitrogen, slow release fertilizer. With the exception of water edge varieties flowers prefer a well-drained soil. Add grit (a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone) and humus (the organic component of soil) to heavy clay soils. Olive may be beneficial for acid soils. Avoid covering the rhizome with insulation.

France National Flower commonly named in most countries as roof iris because it was grown in the that of Chinese and Japanese houses roofs. Iris has a thick, (the size of a man’s thumb), buff (colored), creeping, or greenish rhizome. They are similar in form to a bearded iris rhizome. It has slender, short roots (under the rhizomes), and fibers on the top. The creeping habit, creates spreading clumps of plants. It does not produce stolons. It has a 1 cm long pedicel (flower stalk), which is shorter than the spathe, but similar in size to the ovary.

The stems (and the branches) hold between 1 and 3 flowers, in late spring, or early summer, between April and May, or June. It flowers between September and October in Australia. The flower display can last for 2 weeks. The flowers are 7.6–10 cm (3–4 in) in diameter.

Francis Iris flowers lower than the compressed horizontal flowers. According to Doris Winton, Anyone can grow iris who has a lifelong attraction to the flower and is a master judge for the American Iris Society. While fragrance has reduced through hybridization, the size of blooms has increased, as has the palette. Hairy iris found in every color except fire engine red.

Iris flowers have three primary structures, ‘Fringe of Gold’, the drooping “falls” are white edged, the upright “standards” are solid yellow and the tiny fuzzy “beard” in the middle is white.

10 Facts about Iris Flower:  You should know

  • Iris is the native and most popular flower of France
  • The Edible(suitable for use as food) property make it attractive also complex carbohydrate found chiefly in seeds, fruits, tubers, roots and stem pith of plants, notably in corn,potatoes,wheat, and rice  is extracted from it.
  • The juice of the fresh roots of Iris sore with wine has been employed as a strong removal of great efficiency in dropsy (swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities).
  • Sweet Iris which are more common in ancient times than today are buy and sell as orris root and are used in perfume and medicine.
  • Yellow Iris often use in water purification. The roots are usually planted in a substrate (e.g. lava-stone). The roots then improve water quality by consuming nutrient impurities.Thats why some state of America banned it.
  • The artist Philip Hermogenes Calderon painted an iris in his 1856 work .An ancient belief is that the iris serves as a warning to be noted, as it was named for the messenger of Olympus.
  • French Iris also expresses images of lost love and silent grief for young girls were led into the afterlife by Iris. Artist Broken Vows was accompanied with poetry by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow when the flowers were first exhibited
  • Flowers found in different colors each color  have different meaning Depending on the color of the flowers, iris can signify wisdom (purple iris), purity (white iris), faith (blue iris) or passion (yellow iris)
  • The flower has different meaning. Some of its most common meanings are
    Royalty, Faith, Wisdom, Hope, Bravery
  • Famous Dutch artist,Vincent Van Gogh, painted two pictures representing irises. These pictures are very famous and highly prized in the art world today.

Why is Iris the National flower of France

State Flowers are special design or visual object representing a quality, type, expression and culture etc. Emblems and symbols signifies country. Particular national flowers have traditional or religious origins that go back hundreds or even thousands of years some are consulted by government bodies which may or may not have been officially accepted. Whereas others have become familiar due to public interest.

In Greek language Iris means “rainbow”. Name refers to the ability of iris to produce flowers in various colors white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, lavender, blue or brown colored flowers which show rainbow spectrum if  planted in the same place .

It is a brilliant spring flowers, and the well-known ,precious garden plants. Due to the popularity in several countries, 5000 species and other benefits mentioned above flower Iris officially accepted as national flower of France .

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