Markhor: The National Animal of Pakistan

Markhor National Animal of Pakistan

Markhor Animal

The National animal of Pakistan is markhor. Its scientific name is Capra falconeri . Markhor belongs to Bovide family, subfamily of caprinae and Capra genus. In  Pashto it is known as ( مرغومی‎ ) margumi and in Persian language mar -Khor. It is a large species of wild goat mostly found in central Pakistan (Gilgit Baltistan , Hunza Nagar Valleys and Kashmir regions ) northeastern , Afghanistan, northern and Kashmir State in northern India, southern Tajikistan, southern Uzbekistan and in the Himalayas.

This animal have an approximate length of 140 to 190 cm and having the weight gaining capability of  thirty five 35 to 100 KG. Its shoulder tallness can be from 65 to 115 cm.

The Male Markhor has longer horns and facial as compared to female.

The length of male Markhor horns can be up to 158 to160 cm whereas 25 cm in female Markhor.

The male genus sexually attract their females by their characteristic smell. The pregnancy Period of markhor can be 136 to170 days.

Pakistan national animal get sexual maturity at 18 to 20 months and their normal life time is between 12 to 14 years.

Markhor Animal eat grass and leaves as they are general grazers like other wild goats. In the summer and spring season they can get their diet easily while in winter they browse for their nutrition.

10 Facts about Markhor Animal

  • Markhor is the native and most popular animal of Pakistan country.
  • It is the symbol of Pakistan intelligence agency ISI (inter-services intelligence).
  • The Word “Markhor” derived from Mar means “snake” in Persian language also in some literature it counted as horns  (because his horns look  like coiled snake) ‘Khor’ means kill the snake.
  • Pakistan national animal is active early in the morning and late in the afternoon.
  • Males mostly live lonely, while females and their children live in the form of groups approximately 9 animals in single group.
  • During the summer Males usually live in the forests, while females usually like rocky points on the higher altitude.
  • During the winter Reproducing season of markhor starts. Males fight with each other to establish dominance and get opportunity to mate.
  • It is similar to many other genus of goat i.e. they have the capability of excellent climbing which they need to be to escape from hunters such as snow leopards, wolves, black bears, leopard cats and wildcats and  Golden eagles which can also catch young markhor.
  • This animal is considered endangered due to this reason approximately 2,500 left in the wild due to hunting and habitat loss.
  • Its life time ranging from 10 to 13 years in the wild.

Markhor Meaning

markhor animal

Pakistan national animal Markhor is scientifically known as Capra falconeri a noun which literally means “large Himalayan goat with large curled horns. Also commonly known as Markhor which is a Persian name and can be described as; “Mar” means the snake and “Khor” means the eater. The name given to this animal is attributed by some tradition experts from the fact that it kill the snake. Or some refer to it due to its amazingly curled round horns.

Why is Markhor the national animal of Pakistan

Each country take on some emblem or sign which honor as the representative of their country passages. likewise national animal, national flower ,nation anthem ,national hero etc. are selected based upon some reason .

The country Pakistan has also different national emblem and symbols which represent Pakistani culture ,tradition, love ,attention ,likes, desires,  thinking, and their patriotism  towards the country. Here we are discussing national animals.

One reason for selecting markhor as a national animal is that markhor kill snakes and eat them. After eating it spill (fall) the saliva from the mouth which is good agent against snake poison.

The residential people gather the splitted saliva from the ground it’s make a stone called “Manka”and keeps against snake protection.

Second reason is that it shows the bravery and extra ordinary role of Pakistani secret agency in the world. Beside this markhor holds fairly unique and special meaning for the people of Pakistan .

Markhor was also one of the 72 animals that is featured on the WWF Conservation Coin Collection in 1976.

The major populations of markhor, live in Pakistan. The animal is brave enough that it feel free when caught the target either it has to jump from top of the mountain to the ground. Due to all above facts Markhor officially become the national animal of Pakistan country.

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