What is the National Animal of Bahrain?

national animal bahrain

National Animal Bahrain – Oryx

Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Bahrain. The Arabian oryx comes from desert areas of Iran, Iraq, Israel, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The oryx can reach a shoulder height of about four feet. The horns of the oryx are straight and can reach a length of about twenty-eight inches. The oryx has large ears and wide-set eyes.

The oryx is a brownish color and is lighter underneath. The Arabian oryx has a life span of about twelve to fifteen years. The Arabian oryx is a herbivore and it feeds on grass.

The Arabian oryx is one of the few antelopes that does not have a preorbital gland. The Arabian oryx has a social structure that includes males, females, and calves. The oryx is a very fast animal and it can run speeds up to fifty miles per hour. The oryx can swim, though it prefers to stay.

Body Structure of Arabian Oryx

Arabian oryx is a medium-sized antelope with a long, straight and spiralling horns. The horns curve back along the head, sometimes with a small twist near the end. The horns are used in fighting and for digging for water.

Scientific Classification of Arabian Oryx

Scientific Name Kingdom Class Order Family
Oryx gazella Animalia Mammalia Artiodactyla Bovidae
Population Size Life Span Weight Height Length
1000 15 YRS 220-300 KG 100 CM 180 CM

Facts about Oryx – The Bahrain national Animal

  • Oryx is the national animal of Bahrain.
  • It is the world’s largest antelope.
  •  It has long, straight horns.
  • It is a fast animal. It can run up to 60 km/h.
  •  It is a very shy animal. It usually runs away from humans.
  •  It is a social animal.
  •  It lives in the desert.
  •  It is very precious and it is now a protected animal
  • Current population is estimated around 3000.

Why is Oryx the national animal of Bahrain?

Arabian oryx is a protected animal, and it has been the emblem of Bahrains and considered to be the National Animal of Bahrain. This is because of the various reasons that are mentioned below.

It is very rare and endangered species, which was under threat of extinction in 1972.

It is one of the most intelligent species among all the antelopes.

This animal shows extreme tolerance to high temperatures and can live without water for weeks. It can also drink water while standing on its legs.

The Oryx is a unique animal that is native to the Arabian desert. The Oryx is also a symbol of the United Arab Emirates, as well as its national animal. No other animal symbolizes this country or its people as well as the Oryx. This animal is an important part of their culture and history. So, due to all the mentioned facts the government of UAE officially announced Oryx as the national animal of Bahrain publicly.