What is the National Animal of Egypt?

National Animal of Egypt

Steppe Eagle – Egypt national animal

The national animal of Egypt is the Steppe Eagle. Its scientific name is Aquila nipalensis and it is found in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The bird is also known as the “Egyptian EagleEgyptian vulture, Mediterranean vulture, and black vulture.

It is found in the steppes, grasslands, savannahs and plains of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It lives on rabbits, hares, foxes and rodents that it hunts by flying high above their nest and diving at them from above. It also feeds on carrion such as dead animals on the ground

Steppe Eagle feeds on small mammals and birds, which they hunt from a perch. They also eat reptiles and insects. They breed in the spring and then incubate their eggs for around 30 days before they hatch.

Scientific Classification

Mass: 2.7 kg (Adult) Encyclopedia of Life
Family: Accipitridae
Species: A. nipalensis
Order: Accipitriformes
Class: Aves
Kingdom: Animalia

Physical Description

The steppe eagle is a large, powerful bird of prey. It has a wingspan of 2 meters (6 feet) and weighs 2.5 kg (5 pounds). This species has a white head and breast, with reddish brown feathers on the back and wings. The tail is black in coloration, with white spots near the tip. The legs are yellow in color.

Steppe Eagle Habitats

The Egyptian national animal Steppe Eagle lives throughout Europe and Asia. In Egypt, they are found in open grasslands near water sources like lakes or rivers. The eagle hunts during the day, but it will sometimes hunt at night as well. It feeds on small mammals like rodents, rabbits, fish and even birds such as ducks!

15 Facts about Steppe Eagle

  1. The Steppe Eagle is the official animal & symbol of Egypt.
  2. The Steppe Eagle is a large bird of prey that is found in Asia and Europe.
  3. The bird lives in steppes and deserts, where it can easily hunt for food.
  4. The bird’s diet consists mainly of rabbits, hares, and rodents. They also eats birds and lizards on occasion.
  5. They can fly at an altitude of 18,000 feet.
  6. A Steppe Eagle can fly at speeds of up to 160km/h, making it the fastest bird in the world.
  7. They nest on cliffs and lay 2 eggs each year (sometimes 1).
  8. This bird has been known to attack humans, especially when they feel threatened or trapped by humans, but it only attacks if it feels very threatened or trapped and is able to escape its human attacker.
  9. The steppe eagle has an explosive personality and will attack any predator that threatens its nest or young ones.
  10. It feeds mainly on medium-sized mammals, such as rabbits and marmots.
  11. The male has a white head, back and tail while the female has a brown head and back with a white belly
  12. The male has a white head, back and tail while the female has a brown head and back with a white belly
  13. The Steppe Eagle has a wingspan of 1 meter (3 feet)
  14. It is capable of killing animals up to 3 times its own weight, including rabbits, squirrels and foxes.
  15. Its eyesight is so good that it can spot prey from up to two miles away!

Why is Steppe Eagle the national animal of Egypt?

In Egyptian culture, the Steppe Eagle is considered a symbol of power and strength because it flies so high above its enemies while they cannot reach it with their weapons or arrows. It also represents honor because it mates for life and will not leave its mate even if it is killed by hunters.”

This bird is well known for its strength, independence, and ability to survive in harsh conditions. The Egyptian people see these qualities as representative of their own country and culture. The Egyptian people love to see them anywhere in country.

So, due to all these facts the Egyptian government adopted this bird as their official symbol in 1984.