What is the National Animal of Kuwait?

National animal Kuwait

Arabian Camel – Kuwait national animal

The National animal of Kuwait is Arabian Camel which is a member of Bovidae family. The main characteristic of this animal is humps in its back which are made of fat cells. This animal can grow as big as 6 feet and can measure up to 10 feet in width.

The Arabian camel, or the dromedary, is mostly found in Middle Eastern countries like Oman and Kuwait. They are famous for their long necks which typically leads to their appearance of looking at something above. Dromedaries can survive well in areas that are either arid or semi-arid.

They have a well developed sense of balance that lets them take more than one step at a time. Their vision ranges in distance and they may see at distances of 3 kilometres or more. The Arabian camel has two tons of body fat so they could go 30 days without any water and food. They also drink water that is saltier than seawater.

The Arabian camel or the dromedary is a large animal that’s well-known for its ability to survive in desert conditions. These camels are natively located in the Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Other than these countries, they also can be found in North Africa and some parts of the USA. They are well known as an iconic symbol of Saudi Arabia as well.

Facts About Arabian camel

  1. Arabian Camel: Arabian camel is the most popular and official animal of Kuwait.
  2. Size: Shoulder Height: 1.8 to 2.3 m (5.8 to 7.5 ft.)
  3. Body length: 3 m (10 ft.)
  4. Weight: 300 to 690 kg (661 to 1,521 lbs.)
  5. Diet: Desert vegetation
  6. Gestation: 12 to 14 months; weaned at 1 to 2 years
  7. Life Span: Around 40 years

Why is Arabian Camel the National Animal of Kuwait?

the Arabian camel ( camelus dromedaries) is considered a national animal of Kuwait. it’s chosen because of its numeric importance in the country, The Arabian or dromedary camel has been domesticated since the third millennium BC and has served as a reliable beast of burden, valuable pack animal and powerful draft animal throughout human history. so by choosing this animal Kuwait want to celebrate their nomadic past.

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Kuwaiti people depend on camels for many reasons. They use camels for milk, meat and wool, as well as for transportation and as a source of blood when necessary, according to Live Science’s sister site All About Wildlife. Camels can also serve as pack animals that carry supplies across arid deserts.

Due to all the above facts, the government of Kuwait officially declared Arabian camel as the national animal of Kuwait.