What is the National Animal of Libya?

Libya national animal

Libya national animal – Arabian Eagle

The eagle is considered to be the most powerful bird in nature, and it also has a very high level of intelligence. So it is no wonder that the people of Libya have chosen to use this animal as their national symbol.

The eagle can be found in many different parts of Libya, but its natural habitat is found in the Sahara Desert. This desert area contains large amounts of dry grassland and shrubland, which makes it an ideal place for eagles to live.

Physical Characteristics

The Arabian Eagle is the largest bird of prey in the world. The eagle has a wingspan of 5.3 feet (1.6 m) and a weight of 29 pounds (13 kg). Both sexes are similar in size, but females are larger than males.

Why Arabian Eagle is the national animal of Libya?

The eagle was chosen as the national animal because it had been used on many coins from the ancient times to represent the country’s wealth and power. It is also associated with Islam because it is a symbol of courage, strength, freedom and justice.