What is the National Animal of Philippines?

National Animal of Philippines

Carabao – Philippines national animal

The national animal of Philippines is carabao. Its scientific name is Bubalus bubalis carabanesis. It is found mostly in the southern part of the country and is used for farming, transportation, and pulling carts. The carabao is also known as a water buffalo or wild water buffalo. The term carabao also refers to the name given to an ox-like beast in Philippine mythology.

The Philippines animal carabao is basically a water buffalo that has been domesticated for use as a working animal. They are also used to produce meat and milk products in Southeast Asia.

Scientific Classification

Species: B. bubalis
Order: Artiodactyla
Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Bovidae

Classification carabao

Physical Description

Carabao is a large bovine animal which is native to Philippines. It also belongs to the family of water buffalo and has a large body with dark grey or brown coat. It has a big head with thick horns and long ears. The male carabao is called bull while female carabao is called cow.

Carabaos are very strong animals, but they’re also gentle and calm. They have long horns that curve back over their heads and down to the ground behind them. The horns are typically white or black, but sometimes they’re red or yellowish brown in color as well.

Carabao Habitats

Carabaos are swamp buffalos and are native to Southeast Asia. They live in the wetlands, swamps, and freshwater rivers of the region. Some carabaos can be found in the southern parts of China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

11 interesting Facts about Carabao

  1. Carabao is the official national animal and symbol of Philippines.
  2. Carabaos are known for their strength and hardiness, which makes them an ideal draft animal.
  3. They can pull heavy loads on land or in water, and they can swim long distances without needing to rest or drink water.
  4. The carabao is a water buffalo, and the Philippines is a tropical country where many people live near water.
  5. It is a domestic water buffalo and is used for transport, food and milk production
  6. It is a domesticated water buffalo that has been used for agricultural purposes in the Philippines since the 16th century. The carabao is an important symbol in Filipino culture, tradition and history.
  7. Carabaos are used as working animals in rice fields, sugar cane fields and other agricultural areas.
  8. The water buffalo has been used by Filipinos since the days of their ancestors.
  9. In ancient times, people would use carabaos to pull carts and transport goods for trade or for war purposes.
  10. Carabao milk is believed to have medicinal properties that can be used for skin care products like soap or lotion!
  11. There are many folk tales about how carabaos helped people during times of need like floods or storms!

Why is Carabao the national animal of Philippines?

The reasons why Carabao (water buffalo) species was chosen as the Philippines’s national animal because it is one of the most famous animals in Philippines. So why did they choose this majestic animal as their national symbol?

Carabao are very hard working and strong creatures. People have always admired them for their strength and determination, which makes them the perfect symbol for our country’s values. It is a domesticated water buffalo that has been bred for centuries by Filipino farmers.

The carabao is the most important beast of burden in the Philippines. It is used to plow rice paddies, transport heavy loads, and pull carts.