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What is the National Animal of Saudi Arabia?

national animal saudi arabia

National animal Saudi Arabia – Camel

The Arabian camel or the dromedary is the National animal of Saudi Arabia. The scientific name of Arabian camel is Camelus and belongs to family Camelidae.

This animal is also known as the ship of the desert due to its ability to travel in hot and dry deserts and also through sandy regions. It can go without water for several weeks but can drink up to 30 gallon in a single day when it gets access to water.

It is a mammal that has been domesticated by humans for thousands of years and have been used for transportation, carrying loads and even ridden in rides. People in Saudi Arabia prefer camels for transportation and travelling from one place to another.

The camel is used in many ways by the Bedouin; from meat and milk to transport animals or people in difficult terrain, even tents were made from their skin. The camel has kept people fed and alive for many years across Arabia and other parts of the world such as North Africa.

Scientific Classification of Arabian Camel

Scientific Name Kingdom Class Order Family
Camelus Animalia Mammalia Artiodactyla Bovidae
Population Size Life Span Weight Height Length
14 Million 40 YRS 400-600 KG 180-198 CM 45-55 CM

The national animal Arabian camels have long legs, broad hooves and flat foot pads which makes it easy for them to walk over the sand dunes of the desert. They have thick lips which allow them to eat thorny plants without getting hurt. Their hump is formed by fat tissues which keep their body warm in cold nights and provide energy when they do not get food for days.

The camel is the national animal of Saudi Arabia. It is a very famous animal that has been used for many years as a source of food, and in the past it was used to travel and transport goods from one place to another. And because of its importance in Saudi Arabia, it was chosen as the national animal.

Facts about Camel: The national animal of Saudi Arabia

  • Camel is the official and native animal of Saudi Arabia
  • The word “camel” comes from the Greek word “Camelus.”
  • The camel can drink more than 150 litres of water at one time.
  • The camel chews with its head tilted to one side.
  • It takes about 50 kgs of food for a camel to make 1 kg of fat.
  • Camels can run at speeds up to 40 mph (65 kph).
  • The camel has a long neck. It helps the camel to eat leaves and fruits from the trees.
  • It is easy to tame and train.
  • It can be used as food when necessary.
  • It can be ridden and used for transporting goods from one place to another.
  • It can withstand great heat and can live for long periods without water.
  • It is strong, has great strength, and can carry heavy loads over long distances and through difficult terrain.

Why is Camel the national animal of Saudi Arabia?

To understand why camel is the National Animal of Saudi Arabia we need to look at the geographical condition and history of this beautiful country. The geography is mostly desert, and the people in this country have been relying on camels for centuries for trade, transportation, milk and meat. Camels are common in almost every part of the world and it can be found in regions like Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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The camel is known as “Ship of Desert” because it was used for transportation in deserts. Camels are very strong animal and can carry heavy load for a long distance on their backs. They can go days without water i.e the camel is adapted to the dry climate of the desert.

The hump on a camel’s back helps them survive without food or water for several days because it stores fat which is used when food and water are not available. Camels also have long eyelashes to protect their eyes from sandstorms which they encounter while traveling across deserts.

Due to all these facts, Arabian camel considered as the official and national animal of Saudi Arabia.