What is the National Animal of Venezuela?

National Animal of Venezuela

Troupial – Venezuela national animal

The national animal of Venezuela is Troupial which is a small bird found in different area of Venezuela. It is also known as Red-breasted Blackbird, Red-breasted Thrush and Blackbird.

Scientific Classification

Family: Icteridae
Order: Passeriformes
Class: Aves
Genus: Icterus

Physical Description

The Troupial’s scientific name is Icterus icterus. It belongs to the family of Icteridae. The Troupial has a black crown and face, red throat, yellow breast and belly and brown wings. The female Troupials are smaller than males but both look alike except that females have less red color on their throats and they are not as vocal as males are.

Troupial is a medium size bird with brown and black color feathers. The male has red patch on its breast while the female lacks it. The height of this bird varies from 9 to 10 inches. It weighs 200 grams to 350 grams.

Facts about Troupial

  • Troupial is the official national symbol & animal of Venezuela.
  • The troupial weighs between 80 and 120 grams (2.8 to 4.2 oz). A female will weigh more than a male due to more fat deposits.
  • Troupials live anywhere between 3 and 13 years in captivity, with most living around 7 years if they are kept in good conditions with plenty of food available at all times.
  • The diet of these birds include insects such as bugs and caterpillars; seeds and fruits from plants like palm trees; small amphibians; lizards; snakes etc.1.
  • The bird has an olive green color on its back, with a white belly, yellow-orange legs and a black tail.
  • This species of bird has a distinct song which can be heard from far away in the forested areas of Central America and Mexico.
  • This species of bird is also known as the highland oriole or the Mexican oriole .
  • The Troupial birds are omnivorous feeders, meaning that they eat both plants and animals as their food source

Troupial Habitats

Troupial is a very common bird species found in South America, Central America and Mexico. It inhabits different kinds of habitats like forests, shrublands, mangroves and savannahs, but prefers moist areas with dense vegetation cover.

Why is Troupial the national Animal of Venezuela?

The Troupial can be found in most woodlands in Venezuela where it nests in holes made by other animals such as squirrels and mice. They build their nests close to each other so that they can look after each other’s young together.

It is the only bird that can be found in all the regions of the country. It is a colorful bird and its song is very pleasant to hear. It’s one of the most common birds of Venezuela. It’s a bird that has been living in the country for long time (more than 100 years).

This bird is found in different areas of Venezuela, such as in the mountains, savannas and forests. It is considered as one of the best singers in its group. Due to all these facts, Troupial considered the official and national animal of the country.