What is the National Bird of Argentina?

National Bird Argentina

Rufous Hornero – Argentina national bird

The Rufous hornero is the national bird of Argentina. It can also be found in other regions of the country, as well as in Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. The Andean condor is another beautiful bird that can be seen throughout the country.

The puma is also a common sight for Argentinians who live in rural areas where they are able to spot these majestic cats from time to time.

Scientific Classification

Scientific name: Furnarius rufus
Higher classification: Hornero
Phylum: Chordata
Rank: Species

Story of Rufous Hornero

The Rufous hornero has been featured on currency and stamps, and it features prominently in folktales and songs. One such song tells of a young man who fell in love with a beautiful girl who turned out to be a bird when he tried to kiss her. He was left heartbroken, but this bird sang him a song that made him realize that she was still beautiful no matter what form she took.

Physical Description

This bird is an attractive and beautiful creature, with a black head and neck, back and wings. It has a white stripe at the base of its tail. The chest and belly are light brownish red to rusty-red in color with dark streaking. The bill is long and pointed, as are the legs and feet, which are also dark brownish black in color.

Facts about Rufous Hornero

  • The Rufous is the official and native animal in Argentina.
  • The Rufous Hornero is found in Australia and New Guinea. It is one of the most common species of birds found in the rainforests of northern Queensland.
  • They feed on insects, spiders and fruit which it finds by probing into crevices with its bill.
  • It has an unusual method of catching ants – it uses its tongue to flick them into its mouth!
  • They are found in montane forests at altitudes of 1500 – 3000 metres above sea level.
  • They fly very fast and have a loud call that can be heard from far distances.
  • They eat insects and other small animals like worms, fruit and seeds.
  • It has a lifespan of around 20 years, which is longer than most birds.
  • The Rufous Hornero nests in tree hollows or cracks in cliffs, laying two to three eggs between September and November each year.

Why is Rufous Hornero the national bird of Argentina?

This bird was chosen by the committee to be the national bird of Argentina because it represents Argentina’s natural beauty as well as its diverse culture. The Rufous Hornero symbolizes abundance and fertility for Argentina, as well as strength, courage, and determination. In addition to being a beautiful animal known for its strength, it is also considered the most common bird in all of South America.

Second reason is that, This bird is easily recognizable by everyone in Argentina. With the country’s diversity and culture, it could be hard to unite everyone on just one symbol. The Rufous Hornero represents a part of Argentina that is easily identifiable by all Argentines.