What is the National Bird of Aruba?

national bird aruba

Prikichi – Aruba-national bird

The national bird of Aruba is Prikichi which is found in the mountains of the island and is a member of the pigeon family. It has been declared as the national bird by law, and it was chosen because it represents unity and strength.

The  bird that can be found in the forest. Prikichi has been described as a bird with a greenish body and blue wings. It has also been depicted as having yellow feathers and a long neck, with a black beak.

The female is smaller than the male and has brownish black feathers while the male has reddish brown feathers. They live in tropical forests and feed on fruit, insects, small reptiles.

Scientific Classification of Prikichi

Genus: Eupsittula
Species: E. pertinax
Family: Psittacidae

Physical Description

Prikichi is a type of bird that is endemic to Sri Lanka. Prikichi Bird is a small bird with short legs. It has a long neck and a long pointed beak. It can fly but it usually stays on the ground. Prikichi Bird looks like a parakeet but its color is mostly green or blue, with white feathers on its head and chest.

8 Interesting Facts about Prikichi

  • The prikichi bird is a beautiful and unique bird that lives in the Philippines, japan and Aruba.
  • This Bird is a very fast bird that can survive on a very small diet.
  • They are unique in that they can fly backwards and sideways, using their wings to generate power.
  • The bird is one of the smallest birds in the world, at just 2.5 inches long.
  • Prikichi eat insects and fruit, and are known to be particularly fond of flying ants.
  • Prikichi is known for its amazing ability to fly with its wings tied together.
  • This is the only bird in the world that can jump up to three feet high off the ground.
  • The Bird has a lifespan of around 20 years

Why is Prikichi the national bird of Aruba?

The Aruba’s national bird Prikichi means “the one who flies”. The national bird was chosen to represent Aruba because it is unique, different from other birds and can be found in all parts of the island. It’s a migratory bird that travels from North America to South America and back every year

The name of this national bird comes from the word “priki” which means something that makes you think. This is because Prikichi is very unique in its appearance, which makes it different from other birds.