What is the National Bird of Bahamas?

national bird bahamas

Flamingo – bahamas national bird

Flamingo is the official and national bird of Bahamas. The bird is found in the shallow waters and mud flats of the southern Bahaman islands. The flamingo is a migratory bird that spends its winters in Florida and central America, and comes back to its breeding grounds in spring.

It has a long neck, pink feet and legs, and a white body with black tips on its wings. It has a weight of about 7-8 kgs and lives for about 20 years. The bird is similar to a crane but has long legs and a long neck.

Scientific Classification of Flamingo

Scientific name: Phoenicopterus ruber
Class: Aves
Family: Phoenicopteridae; Bonaparte‎, 1831‎
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Phoenicopteriformes

Physical Description

The flamingo is one of the most distinctive species of birds because of its unique color and shape like Mute swan.  The bird has a long neck and legs, which give it an elegant look. The feathers on its body are pinkish in color with black markings on them. It has a long beak that can be used for feeding as well as preening its feathers.

Interesting Facts about Flamingo

  • Flamingo is considered the famous and well known bird in Bahamas.
  • The flamingo is an elegant wading bird that lives in warm climates.
  • It has beautiful pink feathers on its legs and head that stand out against its white body.
  • They can be found in all kinds of waters like seas, lagoons and lakes with salt or fresh water.
  • They feed on algae in shallow waters where they form groups known as colonies or flocks which may contain thousands of birds at one time.
  • Diet: The diet of a flamingo consists mainly of algae and crustaceans. They are very effective at filtering water to extract these foods from it. They use their beak to strain the food from the water.
  • Weight: The average weight of a Flamingo is between 5-9 pounds (2.3-4kg). They can weigh as much as 14 pounds (6.35kg). This is because they have a lot of feathers that help them keep warm in cold weather. The more feathers they have, the heavier they will be!
  • Speed: Flamingos can walk at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour (16km/h). This is not very fast compared to other animals such as horses or dogs that can run up to 40 miles per hour (64km/h).

Why is Flamingo the national bird of Bahamas?

The flamingo, a bird with a long beak and slender legs, has been the national bird of Bahamas since 1965. The choice was made after a nationwide poll in which over one thousand people voted for flamingo.

Flamingo also represents the richness of nature and its beauty. People love to see flamingos in their homes. They are beautiful creatures and have many colors like yellow, pink, red etc.