What is the National Bird of Guam?

National Bird of Guam

Fruit Dove – Guam national bird

The Fruit Dove is a beautiful bird with pink feathers on its head. It is the national bird of Guam and is also known as the Pink-eared Pigeon. The Fruit Dove often spends its days perched atop trees looking for fruits to eat, however, they are not limited to just one type of fruit. They will eat whatever they can find, which includes flowers, leaves, nuts, and insects.

The fruit dove has been declared as Guam’s national bird because of its importance to the people of Guam, especially during times when food is scarce. The fruit dove is also considered as a symbol of peace and happiness by many people on Guam.

The Fruit Dove is a species of dove that can be found on Guam. The dove is about 14-16 inches long and weighs between 2 and 4 pounds. The dove has a long neck, short wings, and a small head. The Fruit Dove is one of the three species in the Columbidae family that can be found on Guam.

Scientific Classification

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Columbiformes
Family: Columbidae

Fruit Dove Diet

Its diet consists mainly of seeds from different types of native plants such as mangoes and other fruits growing abundantly all over the island’s forests or even cultivated ones grown by farmers near their homes or farms nearby villages that grow these kinds

Physical Description

Fruit Doves are small birds about the size of a common pigeon. They have a grayish-brown plumage with a bluish tinge on their wings. Their tail feathers are red and blue with black tips, and they have dark eyes. Fruit Doves also have an iridescent blue sheen on their chest and belly.

Fruit Doves are found throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania (where they are called “Blue-winged Pigeons”). They prefer to live in forests or woodlands where they can find plenty of fruit to eat. They usually live in pairs or small groups rather than large flocks like other bird species do.

Intersecting Facts about Fruit Dove

  • Fruit Dove is a native bird of Guam as well as Australia, and its name comes from its unique habits of eating fruit
  • Fruit Dove is not really a dove, but a member of the pigeon family
  • It is also known as the Orange-breasted Pigeon or Yellow-breasted Pigeon
  • The male and female birds look similar, but males have orange breasts and brighter yellow feathers on their necks than females do
  • There are about 57 species in the family, including the Nicobar Pigeon and the Pink-headed Fruit Dove.

Why is Fruit Dove the national bird of Guam?

The fruit dove has been chosen as Guam’s national bird because it is a symbol of peace and unity. The dove is known for its peaceful nature, and it is considered a symbol of love and affection. It also represents peace through its white color.