What is the National Bird of Haiti?

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Hispaniolan Trogon – Haiti national bird

Hispaniolan Trogon is the national bird of Haiti. Its scientific name is Priotelus roseigaster. The Hispaniolan trogon is a fairly large, slightly crested, long-tailed bird with predominantly green plumage. It has red eyes and a black bill. The male’s head and upper breast are bluish-green, while the lower parts of the body and wings are mostly yellowish-green. The female has similar coloration to the male except that its upper parts are browner in color.

The species’ diet consists mainly of fruits and arthropods. Little else is known about its habits due to the fact that it lives in remote mountainous areas.

Scientific Classification of Hispaniolan Trogon

KINGDOM: Animalia
PHYLUM: Chordata
ORDER: Trogoniformes
FAMILY: Trogonidae
GENUS: Temnotrogon

Physical Description

Trogons are very colorful birds. Both sexes have a dull yellow head with a black eye stripe, red breast and belly, and green back. Females of this species have brown upperparts and blue-green to turquoise wings.
The Hispaniolan trogon has a total length of approximately 26 cm (10 in). It has a conspicuous crest on the top of its head and a dark line from its eye to its bill. The male’s upper parts are olive-green and it has brown wings and tail. The female is duller than the male with more greyish-brown upperparts, paler underparts, and brownish-white tipped wings.

Interesting facts about Hispaniolan Trogon

  • It is found in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands.
  • They are part of the trogon family, which is a group of near passerine birds found in tropical Central and South America.
  • They are found in wet, tropical forests of the island of Hispaniola.
  • They are social birds and feed on fruits, insects and nectar.
  • They are relatively large birds, 32-38 cm (13-15 in) long, and have a long, dark tail.
  • Their plumage is mostly black, but they have a green iridescence, and some orange-yellow on their underparts.
  • The trogon is a monogamous bird that is only sexually attracted to the female of the species.

Why is Hispaniolan Trogon the national bird of Haiti?

Hispaniolan Trogon is considered the Haiti national bird because it is beautiful and stylish bird mostly found in Haiti. It is a very pretty bird with a sleek body and a forked tail. There are many myths and legends about this bird in Haiti and also in the Caribbean. The bird has a very colorful appearance with a red eye and black feather on its head. The bird is very well known to the people of Haiti and is even a part of the country’s national anthem.