What is the National Bird of Lebanon?

National Bird of Lebanon

Phoenix – Lebanon national bird

The national bird of Lebanon is the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a mythical creature that is reborn from its own ashes. It was chosen as the national bird because it symbolizes rebirth, hope, life and eternity.

The name “phoenix” comes from Greek mythology—a phoenix was a bird that lived for hundreds of years before burning itself to ashes and then rising from these ashes, reborn! In Lebanon, people have long considered the phoenix to be a symbol of renewal and rebirth, which is why they named it their national bird.

The phoenix is a mythical bird that has endured for thousands of years. It is said to live in Arabia, and that its feathers are red and gold. The phoenix is often shown with a flame on its head.

It is a symbol of rebirth, renewal and immortality. The Phoenix was adopted as the national emblem of Lebanon in 1932.


The Lebanon’s national bird phoenix is a large one with red and yellow plumage. It has a long tail and impressive wingspan, which are large enough to carry its body weight across great distances. It can fly at speeds up to 200 miles per hour, but it cannot hover like other birds because it does not have an oil gland—instead, its feathers are naturally water repellent and allow it to glide for short periods of time in order not to waste energy during flight.

10 Facts about Phoenix

  • Phoenix is the official bird and symbol of Lebanon. 
  • The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and renewal.
  • The Phoenix is a mythological bird that can live in fire and rises from the ashes of its predecessor.
  • It was considered a divine creature in Egypt, where it was considered the soul of the universe, and later in Greece, where it represented immortality and resurrection.
  • According to some legends, the Phoenix would die in its nest and then be reborn from its ashes or from a seed planted by the wind or by water.
  • The mythological bird has been used as an allegory for immortality or resurrection since ancient times; it also symbolizes triumph over adversity (like a phoenix rising from its own ashes).
  • In Chinese mythology there is also a phoenix called Fenghuang (which literally means “returning dignified”) which is associated with good fortune
  • The Phoenix is said to be very large—about the size of an eagle—with red and gold feathers. Its eyes are colored purple or blue, depending on whether it is male or female (the male has purple eyes).
  • The Phoenix can fly over 1,000 miles per hour and can live up to 500 years!
  • It’s said that only one phoenix exists at a time throughout all eternity; so if you see one, you’ll know you’re looking at something truly special!
  • The Phoenix is a mythical bird that appears in Egyptian, Chinese and Greek mythology.
  • It has been described as having red and gold plumage with a golden beak and talons. It also has long tail feathers.

Why did Lebanon decide to choose the Phoenix as its national bird?

Lebanon chose the Phoenix because it is sacred to many cultures, including Greek and Egyptian mythology. It is also one of the most important symbols in Christianity, appearing frequently in art and literature. Its name comes from an ancient Egyptian word meaning “the place of burning.”

FAQs about Phoenix bird

What does the Phoenix symbolize?

The Phoenix represents rebirth and renewal, which is a valuable message for any country. It also symbolizes freedom and independence, as well as strong family values.

Where does the phoenix live?

The phoenix lives in the Middle East and Africa. It is also found in China and India. The phoenix prefers to live near water and can often be seen around lakes and rivers, though they are not restricted to such areas.

What does the Phoenix look like?

The Phoenix is a white bird with red and gold stripes on its head and body. It has long tail feathers that look like flames when it flies.

What kind of bird is it?

The Phoenix is a mythological creature, not an actual species. There are many different depictions of the Phoenix in art and literature, but most agree that it has a large body with green or red feathers and a tail similar to an eagle’s. Its feathers glow brightly when it flies near fire, which may be how we got the idea that they burn themselves up at the end of their life cycle. It also has wings like an eagle’s and a curved beak with teeth on both sides (as if you could eat anything while you’re burning).

Where can I find a phoenix?

The only place you can find a phoenix is in Lebanon, where they are protected by law.