Dominican Republic

What is the National Flower of Dominican Republic?

National flower Dominican Republic

Bayahibe Rose – Dominican Republic national flower

The National Flower of Dominican Republic is the Bayahibe Rose (also known as Leuenbergeria quisqueyana). The flower was chosen because it symbolizes the beauty and strength of this country, the color of its petals stands for patriotism, and its fragrance represents the generosity of its people. The Bayahibe Rose has a beautiful red color and it has many petals. It grows in the northern part of the country where there are many mountains.

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Cactaceae

Meaning of Bayahibe Rose

The Bayahibe Rose is a pure breed created in the Dominican Republic. The name is taken from the origin of this rose, a small town in the Sierra La Demajagua. The Bayahibe rose was created to be a hybrid plant with a very low maintenance level, an excellent growth and with an aesthetic appearance due to its prolific flora and its color range, which makes it suitable for variety of uses.

Importance of Bayahibe Rose in Dominican Republic

The Bayahibe Rose flower is a symbol of the Dominican Republic. The Bayahibe Rose (Guarea Glaziera) is a plant that grows straight, tall and can reach up to 1.5 meters high with a spread out crown. Its color is yellow-green, having pale pink petals; it has only one or two flowers per branch and they bloom in May to June.

When it comes to colors, this plant has many varieties ranging from white to pink, red or purple tones. Its leaves are big (up to five inches long), with serrated edges and heart-shaped at their base area. They have short stems (1/5 inch long) which attach themselves at soil level through a thick root system that helps them hold onto rocks during strong winds or heavy rains.

Why is Bayahibe Rose the national flower of Dominican Republic?

Bayahibe Rose was chosen as the national flower of Dominican Republic because it shows pride, nobility and elegance. it is a symbol of beauty and nature and also has many educational applications; it also represents strength, purity and happiness. This flower is often found in rose gardens and has a sweet scent that can be smelled from a distance.