Greece National Flower

The National Flower of Greece

The National Flower of Greece is Acanthus mollis or bear’s breeches, bears foots sea dock, or oyster plant. Its scientific name is Centaurea . it belongs to the family of Asanthaceae, the order of Lamiales, genus of centaurea, species of  Acanthus mollis  and kingdom of Plantae.

It is   herbaceous long lasting flowering has some species in the kind of acanthus having underground stems. Some time it come in the hostile or disturbing kinds of ways.

The height of the flower has an average of thirty to eighty centimeter (30–80 cm) (13–30 inch).the addition of inflorescence  with a maximum of 180 0r 182 cm (70 in). The bunches of the flower deepens lobed and cut. The length of the leaves ranges 40cm and 16 inch. The width or breadth of the leaves are 25 cm and 9.8 inch, in addition to length and width it has soft, shiny and dark green leaves having long petiole. The length of the cylindrical part of the inflorescence is 30 to 40 cm (12 to 16 in) and can produce up to 120 flowers. Its color can be different types which can be tubular, whitish, and lilac or rose. The length of the flower can be 5 cm (2.0 inch) .it is surrounded by three (3) green or purplish bracts. Its center part consist of spiny bract and this is larger than the other two. The calyx contain two lips, the upper is purple on top, and instead of length it forms helmet type form on the top of corolla. Corolla is low in size to a white lower lip, trilobed, with purple-pink venation. Its four (4) stamens are combined or joined to the corolla after that its look like tiny and look like small brushes. The flower belongs to this species exist in late spring or early summer which ranges from the month of May to August.As it is hardy but still its growing process is so easy that other flower cannot do. The roots quickly spread out underground especially in loose, moist, well-enriched soil. In hot summer it can be located in temporary shade area. The hot nature of sun affect the leaves to fade. On the other hand in dry season of summer the flower go to In dry-summer regions, Acanthus plants go asleep if not properly and regularly watered.

Bear’s breeches (Acanthus mollis) Flower meaning:

The flower name is the combination of two words .the first one is derived from Greek letter ἄκανθος acanthus .The ἄκανθα ákantha means ‘thorn’ which refer to sepals of the flower being thorn also it was derived and copied to the capital name of Corinthian ,the name also suggest throne and touchy plant Greek. The second part of the name is derived from the Latin word mollis means “soft, smooth”, also refers to the surface of the leaves

10 Facts about Bear’s breeches (Acanthus mollis)

  • Bear’s breeches Flower is the native and most popular flower of Greece country.
  • It has thirty 30 species.
  • It will do better growth in full sun in temporary shade.
  • It has both tall and wide plants capability.
  • It maintain a temperature range of 50° to 55°c within the growing medium.
  • Its germination periods takes from twenty one to twenty five days 21 to 25.
  • It reserved itself form large colonies.
  • It is available in pink, white and blue colors.
  • Its blooming period is both spring and summer.
  • It has the capability of problem solving in deficiency of tolerances.
  • The flower has some special qualities like cut flower and good source for container.
  • It has four to ten (4-10) zone.
  • Its native origin is Mediterranean.
  • It attracts bees.
  • In early times approximately 1548 it was grown in Italy by romans and Greeks.
  • Due to its significant the British writer William Robinson who was interested in garden writing showed interest in this flower and include it in his book “The wild Garden in 1870”
  • A nurseryman peter Henderson of new jersey appreciated both Acanthus mollisand  spinosus flowers

Why is Bear’s breeches (Acanthus mollis) the national flower of Greece?

Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know the national flower of Greece.

The white and purplish shaded flower is beautiful, elegant and is basically significant long lasting Mediterranean flower it was recognized for the first time by Italian in 1548 by romans and Greeks. The dark shiny leaves of this kind inspired the architectural crown of Corinthian columns. Its importance was not common in America in 18th century as it was its recognition century but become common in 19th century. Due to its significant the British writer William Robinson who was interested in garden writing showed interest in this flower and include it in his book “The wild Garden in 1870. A nurseryman peter Henderson of new jersey appreciated both Acanthus mollis and Acanthus spinosus flowers in his book” handbook of plants” in 1890.The large affected flower is attractive to bees ,looking good ,beautiful and having built in qualities in it.Because of these qualities it becomes the national flower of Greece country.