Cyclamen: The National Flower of Israel

Israel national flower

The National Flower of Israel is Cyclamen. It belongs to the family of Primulaceae, sub family of Myrsinoideae, the order of Ericales, tribe of  Cyclamineae and kingdom of Plantae.

It consists of a class of twenty-three 23 different species of persistent/constant flowering plants in the family of Primulaceae. The most part of Cyclamen flower are native to Europe and the Mediterranean  Basin east to Iran, also one species in Somalia country.

Basically, its growing starts from tubers and keep importance for valued petals which show patterned leaves.It actually roots from the family Primulaceae. Continue the process goes in the family of Myrsinaceae in 2000, and finally reached and recognized with the introduction of APG III system in 2009.after several years it was returned to the subfamily Myrsinoideae within the family Primulaceae.

As mentioned above each flower on a stem coming from a developing point on the tuber. The stem of all classes normally bent 150-180° at the tip, which try to move the face of the flower downwards.

The other species Cyclamen hederifolium ‘Stargazer’ nose faces upwards. Israeli flowers have 5 petals, bent outside or upside. In addition, it twisted sometimes, and connected at the base into a cup, and five sepals behind the cup.

The Cyclamen flower has the upside face 1–3 mm out of the nose of the flower and the stamens are beneath the flower. In some species, however, the cone of anthers sticks out highly about 2–3 mm (0.09–0.13 in) beyond the rim of the corolla, similar to shelling star.

The flower has a tuber, which helps in growing the leaves, flowers, and roots. Most of the time in several species the leaves arise in autumn. Its growth season is probably the winter, and it die in the spring season. During the dry Mediterranean summer, the plant goes in sleeping condition or inactive state.

10 Facts about Cyclamen Flower

  • Cyclamen is the native and popular flower of Israel country.
  • Its brown mature seeds dispersed by ants. They eat the sticky covering and then remove the seeds.
  • It has the ability of both outdoors and indoors in pots commonly helps in flowers grown.
  • It tolerates temperature down to −20 °C (−4 °F). Below to −30 °C  is a freezing point.
  • Cyclamen persicum species of the flower mostly sold by florists.
  • It can be in white, bright pink, red or purple color also some specially selected colors are available on demand.
  • caterpillars of The Gothic moth use it as food .
  • It also plays key role in dramatic climate changes in the region.
  • Cyclamen hederifolium, Cyclamen confusum and Cyclamen africanum are the sub genus of this flower.
  • It is also known as  ‘sow bread’, as the tubers have been commonly eaten by wild livestock.
  • Mostly found in parts of Europe, north Africa and west Asia.
  • It could found in woody and rocky areas.In Israel and some other countries used as a decorative house or garden plant.
  • It grows mostly in three colors purple, white and pink.
  • Due to its multi color it is the common houseplant.
  • It is chosen for the garden due its preserve nature of bearing cold weather.
  • It has no cost of maintenance and insect resistant.
  • It was used to induce childbirth in the getting on of sixteenth century,16 century.
  • It grows first class in rich soils with the organic component of soil that drains freely.
  • The flower name derived from the Greek word (“Kuklos”) means circle.
  • It is used in habitual herbal medicine to recover/cure wounds and swellings.
  • After Rebirth it was believed that the ear-shaped leaves are made to cure ear aches.
  • The plant is a serious danger for dogs and cats.
  • In flower meaning cyclamen means departure .so it is a beautiful gift on the departure of someone who is leaving the country, getting retirement etc.
  • This class of Cyclamen persicum is popular in Australia.
  • Australian women Jane bought it for her garden beauty,hybridization, and breeding.
  • Jane’s choices include the scent, small flowered, and true mini varieties. She loves the mix beautiful flowers with attractive leaves each with a different pattern. The flower comes in her high priority.

Cyclamen Flower meaning:

The name of Israel national flower comes from the medieval Latin word cyclamīnos. Its ancient Greek name is (kyklāmī́s )or the same name with circle due to its circular tuber shape.

In English the scientific name and its general name is same.different languages of the different countries call with different name and meaning.Informally in English, it is also known as sow bread, which in other hand eaten by pigs. pain de pourceau in French, pan porcino in Italian, varkensbrood in Dutch, “pigs’ manjū” in Japanese. In flower meaning it symbolizes departure.

Why is Cyclamen the national flower of Israel ?

cyclamen flower

Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation. All the national flowers signifies certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know cyclamen which is the flower of Israel.

Cyclamen is the hard woody, decorative and multi-species flower. Due to its five packed petals and several colors pink, white or purple, it has become the decoration piece of the houses. The people of the country love this flower because it brings color and beauty to the home with ease need no much struggle. Besides this it blooms and remains flower that is not the only plant also keep its leaves throughout the year, depends on the species.

Due to its hard plant, scented flowers, home and garden beauty and its traditional use in herbal medicine it becomes the famous and national flower of Israel country.

Some other related flowers are: red poppy flower and red lotus flower

Cyclamen: The National Flower of Israel
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