What is the National Flower of Yemen?


Although there is no official or national flower of Yemen. Since it is confirmed from unauthorized sources that Arabian Coffee is the famous flower of Yemen. Its scientific name is Coffea Arabia. Other common names are coffee shrub of Arabia, Arabian coffee, Arabica coffee or mountain coffee. Species wise it is the top one coffee cultured. By the World level, it is the most productive species which is 60% of the total cultivation. The remaining coffee production is done by fewer acidic, bitterer, and more highly caffeinated element Robusta bean (C. canephora). The dried seeds of his flower use in the world most useful beverage coffee (A drink believed as elongate time and stamina)

Classification of Arabian Coffee Flower

  • Flower Public Name:  Arabian coffee
  • Color:   White and red to purple
  • Shape:  little star
  •  Family:  Rubiaceae
  • Tribe:     Coffee
  • Order:    Gentianales
  • Genus: Coffea
  • Clade: Angiosperms, Eudicots, Asterids
  •  Kingdom: Plantae
  • Native Areas:  Yemen, Southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya
  • Height: 30 to 39 feet  
  • Blooming season:  Mid-spring
  • Resemblance: Jasmin flower
  • Useful uses:  Coffee Tea, herbal, Food(Ice cream, Pastries, liqueurs and candies, etc.), Traditional medicine
  • Similarity to: Tulip Flower, Edelweiss Flower

10 Facts about Arabian coffee Flower You Should know:

  • Arabian coffee (Coffea Arabia) is the native and most popular flower of Yemen country.
  • It grows in wilds upto 9 to 12 m (30 and 39 ft).
  • Leaves are opposite and elliptic-ovate to oblong in shape.
  • Length of the leaves 6 to 12 cm (2.5 to 4.5 inch).
  • Breadth/width of leaves of a flower is 4 to 8 cm (1.5 to 3 inch )
  • The color of leaves appears as glossy dark green.
  • The color of the flower is white and the seed color is red to purple.
  • Seed of the flower is commonly known as Cherry.
  • Western world uses it in various beverages.
  • Since ancient times, one of the native country use it as masticatory.
  • It is also used in making flat cakes from butter.
  • Arabian countries make enflamed drink by the consumption of paste.
  • It is a best source of caffeine.
  • In medical the Dried seeds use as stimulant and great action impact on diuretic, mid nervous system, heart, kidneys, and muscles.
  • Dried leaves for infusion purpose in Indonesia and Malaysia countries.
  • The Indian people use the pulp as manures and mulches which in turn served to cattle.
  • coffee beans use in the preparation of a special type of plastic known as Coffelite, which is dense, hard long-lasting and takes a good polish.
  • The Coffelite is better to use for Chairs, tables and turnery.
  • Its combination with iodine make it suitable to use as deodorant/spray, cream, lotion
  • It is also known as natural herbicide.
  • The extracted Caffeine element has large uses in pain killers (Neubrol forte), diet pill and stimulants.

Arabian coffee flower meaning:

  • The word Arabica used for the type of coffee by the botanist Carolus Linnaeus with the wrong/uncertain belief that it is rooted in the Arabian Peninsula which is modern-day Yemen. The topic still in the discussion that it was cultivated in East Africa for the first time or found in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Most of the people believed that the name Coffea Arabica class of the plant is originally  highlighted in 7th century at what time the bean go across the Red Sea from Ethiopia to existing  Yemen and lower Arabia, hence the name became “Arabica”

Why is Arabian coffee the national flower of Yemen?

Since the early time, flowers have attracted us with their unique beauty and cool fragrances. But some of these exceptional ‘gifts of nature’ possess unbelievable characteristics that are unknown to many of us. State Flowers are a special design or visual object representing a quality.

It is pertinent to mention that national flower of a country may represent and should relate with the history, culture and tradition of a nation. The motherland flowers support and strengthen the country image to the world and play a vital role in maintaining the true qualities of the nation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s discuss Yemen national flower.

The beautiful flower star like leaves, cherry fruit and dried seeds all have own importance. Due to all the above-mentioned facts Coffee becomes the national flower of Yemen.

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