What is the National Fruit of Andorra?

National fruit Andorra

Mango – Andorra national fruit

The national fruit of Andorra is mango. The Department of Agriculture’s notes that there are approximately 400 different types of mango found in different parts of Andorra.

The Mango tree has been cultivated in the valleys and mountains of Andorra since ancient times, providing nutrition to people during summer as well as for winter use. The large size of the native Andorran Mangoes means that they are widely cultivated not only for consumption but also for export.

Scientific Classification

Scientific name: Mangifera
Family: Anacardiaceae
Rank: Genus
Order: Sapindales
Kingdom: Plantae

Importance of Mangoes in Andorra

Mangoes have been cultivated in Andorra for over a century. The first trees were planted in the mid-1800s, and there are now around 40 hectares of mango orchards, mainly located in the valleys of Ordino and La Massana.

The most common varieties grown here are Haden, Keitt and Tommy Atkins, which originated in India. You can find fresh mangos at any time of year in local markets and supermarkets.

Uses of Mangoes

Mangoes are a fruit that have many benefits. It has low calories, is high in vitamin C and potassium. It helps decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer, helps prevent tooth decay, strengthens the immune system and many more. Mangoes contain very little fat and cholesterol and have more than 100 different nutrients which make them extremely healthy for you to eat.

Why is Mango the national fruit of Andorra?

The Mango is the national fruit of Andorra because it is loved by people. In the country, the mango is not only a delicacy but also a symbol of peace and unity. It is also used to promote tourism in the country. The government of Andorra has made it mandatory for every citizen to plant at least one tree in their backyard so that more people can enjoy the fruit. So, due to all these facts, the Mango has been declared the Andorra national fruit by the state department of agriculture.