National Symbols of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country located in Asia. The country borders are shared with Pakistan, China and Iran. Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan.

The official language of Afghanistan is Dari (Persian) or Pashto, but there are many other languages Uzbek, Balochi and Turkmen are spoken in the country as well. Islam is the official religion of Afghanistan and most people practice it. The people of Afghanistan are known as Afghans. The main religion practiced by Afghans is Islam.

The currency used in Afghanistan is Afghani (AFN). The flag of Afghanistan was adopted on December 03, 1992. It was designed by King Amanullah  khan.

The country  national anthem was written by Abdul Bari Jahani and the music was written by German-Afghan composer Babrak Wassa.

The country was founded by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1747 under the name of Durrani Empire.