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Shamrock: The National Flower of Ireland

Shmrock ireland national flower

Shamrock Flower

The National Flower of Ireland is Shamrock also known is Trifolium. Its scientific name is trifolium dubium belongs to the family of Fabacea, sub family of Faboideae, the order of Fabales and kingdom of Plantae. The trifolium dubium is ranging from the lesser trefoil, suckling cloverlittle hop cloverlesser hop and trefoil.

It is basically is a flowering plant belongs to the  pea plant and clover family as mentioned above. The most popular Irish flower shamrock is represented by this primary plant on traditional basis.

It is inborn plant of Europe and also found in Ireland. Actually it is a young stem of is three leafed flower plant same as clover

The Irish national flower is non woody, regular continuing plant. It grows low in some condition. Its growing appearance starts with heads of whitish flowers.with the going years it becomes a pink or cream color plant.

The width of the heads are generally 1.5 to 2 centimeters (0.6–0.8 in).its ends width changes and ranges somehow to 7-cm (2.8-in) peduncles or flower stems.

The flowers of this species regularly visited by(hairy social bees of temperate regions) bumblebees  and  habitually by honey bees.

It has trifoliate/threesome leaves.their leaves are smooth, elliptic to egg-shaped and long-petioled and usually with light or dark markings.the  white clover mats mostly form by horizontal branch from the base of the plant which mainly work on the basis of stem stolon.

So the basic principle of  the stems stealing/creeping up-to 18 cm (7.1 in) in a year and rooting at the nodes.  As a result the leaves form the symbol known as shamrock.

The flower has five hundred 500 different species naming oxalis oregano, adenophylla oxalis, and Regnellii oxalis. During importing it from one place to another they becomes wild flower. The  behavior of Some of species like its silver type  manage and make great contribution to the home and parks garden as ground cover or rock  lawn plant.

It growing process differ may be grow from bulbs, corms or rhizomes.
The hardiness depends upon kinds of the flower hardy in zone-3 and may range to cold caring.

The cold fonder can be also grown in containers and in winter it brought to indoor environment. Its growing mood is best in complete sun and also tolerate in temporary warm summertime it needs protection from full sun during and needs well drained soil for plantation.

Its water requirement is on regular basis for its better growth. During winter season it needs dry areas although if they are inactive. If the area is found unsuitable in winter season the flower should be planted in high containers or beds or it will be suitable if planted in beneath of the roof of the house.

In early spring season shamrock and its combination plant grown well and sold in markets as house and garden is very easy to take care in normal condition but it also needs special cultural requirements.

Its growing environment is better in high intensive light but not only bright like sun light which is not suitable besides this it needs cool temperature and enormous amount of fresh air.

As a result of such caring situation it gives useful results and that’s the reason defense forces feathered it in their hats to get fresh smell and sweat breath. When it is seen that it is growing actively it should be kept in moist soil.

When it is seen that its growing life is going to weak that’s it is losing its strength then it should be kept in dry environment.when you got that it is the ending session of in-activeness then its bulb and tubers should be remove from the jar.

After removing it from the vessel or container get separate the bulbs and plant it again in suitable soil of sandy type most probably houseplant soil.
Shamrock Flower meaning

The Ireland national flower name shamrock is actually derived from Irish word seamrog, actually little Irish word use for clover (seamair) which means “tiny clover” or “little/young clover”. The other two species Trifolium dubium means lesser clover and in Irish language it is call as seamair bhul. And the second specie Trifolium repens means white clover and in Irish language it is call as seamair bhan.

The scientific name of the flower Trifolium derives from the Latin tres, “three”, and folium, “leaf”. So it is basically three leaf flower which can be physically seen. The second type repent is a Latin word means “creeping”.

10 Facts about Shamrock Flower

  • Shamrock is the native and most popular flower of Ireland.
  • It is three leafed flower.
  • Shamrock flower color is solely green.
  • It is believed that it brings good luck.
  • It is use as badge of sports teams of Irish country .
  • It is featured on the state organization logos and troops abroad of the Ireland country.
  • Also used by Irish tale of Saint Patrick (as a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland).
  • It is imprinted on the Irish defense Forces united nation beret(A cap with no brim or bill mad of soft cloth)
  • The medal awarded to First Magherafelt Volunteers on behalf of  their skill with large sword is featured by shamrocks .
  • The seventeen 17 march the day of St .Patrick celebration different departments and public various things, some uses hats,while other use green ribbon. The popular one among them is shamrock three leaves green flower which  cause a sweet breath .
  • shamrock is use by the legend of   Patrick  to teach mystery of the sacred Trinity identified by botanist  Caleb Threlkeld for the first time.
  • It is specially wear on the saint Patrick day in Ireland.
  • The people which worn the flower in coat and hat remove it at the end of the day. And put it in the glass after drinking it should be picked up and thrown in the left side.
  • The Irish national holiday that is Saint Patrick day use the flower for parades and celebration worldwide.
  • It is the state symbol of Ireland since 18th
  • Different Irish volunteers use it on their flags. It appears on the flags of the Limerick Volunteers, the braid volunteers and the castle ray fencibles.
  • The United Irishmen take on the green color as their revolutionary color and its implementation come in the form of woring green uniforms and feathered green ribbons on their hats. And wore green uniforms or ribbons in their hats.
  • The use and Wearing of the Green colors uniforms and ribbons remember their achievements and different versions exist which indicate the shamrock.
  • The flag of Ireland which is commonly known is Erin go bragh flag (Ireland forever) in Irish language often feathered and accompanied by Irish national flower.
  • A revolutionary journal entitled “The Shamrock” briefly appeared in which the aims of the rebellion(revolution) were discussed and supported.
  • From 1800 Acts of Union which was actually between Britain and Ireland and unite the three countries England, Scotland and Ireland incorporated the flower shamrock into royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom instead of using rose of England and thistle of Scotland national flower.
  • It also use in British coins that is as the two shilling and crown and in government stamps.
  • With the two other popular flower rose and thistle the shamrock also appears on British public building just like Buckingham palace.
  • It also the beauty of books cover and saint Patrick day
  • It is also mentioned in a narrative poem and songs of the popular origin.
  • The Thomas Moore popular song oh the shamrock which make the rising profile and image of Ireland.
  • The Flag of Montreal which shows Christian motives is also have shamrock in the lower right corner.
  • Ancient order of Hiberinians (AOH logo) is characterized by this flower
  • It is the common symbol of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newyork, New Jersey.
  • Feathered on the Panathinaikos F.C.
  • shirt(Greek professional football club belongs to the City of Athens).

Why is shamrock the national flower of Ireland ?

national flower of ireland

shamrock flower

Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know the national flower of Ireland country.

The flower shamrock has very importance both symbolically and also high demand among the people of republic of Ireland and for certain other countries. Both officially and traditionally the green three leaf flower has great importance and most commonly use symbol.

Its symbolic use cover every departments and nearly all  fields. Whether it is army hats ,coats, country coins, country important badges, forces uniform, official stamps and logos, sports teams uniform, imprinted on tea cups and other decoration pieces, and other countries also use for different purposes.

Due to its multi-use, simple and stylish shape it produce high importance in the heart of the people of Ireland and also the country government. The 17th  march the day of St. Patricks celebration also use the shamrock flower which keeps great importance for the people of Ireland  when it appears  to show a figure of St Patrick preaching to a crowd while holding a shamrock, apparently to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity country.

Some other similar flowers are: Iris Tectorum and Erythrina Cristina Galli