What is the State animal of Odisha?

State animal Odisha

Sambar Deer – Odisha state animal

The state animal of Odisha is Sambar Deer which is also the national heritage animal. This animal is also known as Black Buck. It was chosen as the state animal as it represents various characteristics of the state like beauty, strength, courage and endurance.

it is found in Western Ghats range, Kerala. The other prominent species of this deer are Sika and Rusa.In Odisha, its density has reduced substantially over the years due to excessive hunting and poaching.

Scientific Classification

Genus: Rusa
Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Cervidae
Order: Artiodactyla

Physical Description

The Odisha national animal Sambar is a large deer with a white rump, black legs and a black stripe on the back. The coat is brown in summer and turns grey in winter. Males have antlers which are shed annually.

The Sambar is found in the rainforests of peninsular India, Sri Lanka and southern Nepal. It lives in herds ranging from 5-60 animals and feeds on leaves, grasses, shrubs, flowers and fruits.

Importance of Sambar deer in Odisha

The Sambar deer is a species of deer found in the Indian subcontinent, including in Odisha. The species is also known as the spotted deer or sambar, but they are not the same species as the European red deer.

The sambar is considered to be one of the most important animals in Odisha because they help maintain biodiversity and control overpopulation of other animals. They are also very important for wildlife tourism in Odisha since many people come to see them and photograph them.

Why is Sambar deer the state animal of Odisha?

The sambar deer is the state animal of Odisha because it has been a part of the culture and history of the region for centuries. The sambar deer has long been used as a symbol of bravery, strength, and power—and it’s for this reason that it was chosen to represent Odisha.