What is the State flower of Kerala?

State flower Kerala

Golden Shower – Kerala state flower

The golden shower tree (Cassia fistula) is the state flower of Kerala. It is found in different parts of Kerala, India. The flower was declared as the state flower by the Government of Kerala.

The golden shower tree is scientifically known as Cassia fistula. The plant has many medicinal properties and is used for treating several diseases.

Scientific Classification

Scientific name: Cassia fistula
Family: Fabaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Fabales

Importance of golden shower in Kerala

The golden shower tree has been a major source of income for many families in Kerala. This is because of the many benefits it offers to people. The golden shower tree is commonly used as an ornamental plant and for medicinal purposes. It’s also used for extracting oils, soaps, biodiesel fuel, and to make paper.

Uses of golden shower

The golden shower tree is a tree that grows in Kerala and is used to make paper. The leaves of the tree are used as a vegetable. The bark is used to make medicine, and the seeds are used as food by birds.

Habitat of golden shower

The Golden Shower Tree grows well in sandy soil, requiring plenty of water throughout the year. It prefers full sun or partial shade and is tolerant of windy conditions.

Why is golden shower the state flower of Kerala?

The golden shower tree was selected as the Kerala state flower because it grows in abundance in Kerala, making it a symbol of abundance of nature here. It also has medicinal properties which make it useful to humans. The reason behind this decision was that it was the most popular flower among all other flowers in Kerala.

It has a wide range of uses such as:

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used for treating fever, colds and constipation. In Chinese medicine, it is used for treating skin diseases such as herpes or chickenpox. In Indian traditional medicine (Rasa Shastra), it is used for treating arthritis and swelling of joints. Due to all these facts golden shower tree has been declared the official and national flower of Kerala.