What is the State Flower of Punjab?

State flower of Punjab

Gladiolus – Punjab state flower

The state flower of Punjab (India) is Gladiolus (sword flower) which is found in abundance in the state. The flower of Punjab Gladiolus was selected on the basis of its special features and qualities. The flower is beautiful, bright and colorful and is an important part of Punjabi culture. The plant blooms from July to September every year and has a sweet smell. It grows up to a height of about 60 centimeters and has been used for medicinal purposes as well.

Scientific Classification

Family: Iridaceae
Tribe: Gladioleae
Genus: Gladiolus; L.
Kingdom: Plantae

Physical Description

When it comes to the color of Gladiolus flowers, there is a wide range. The most common colors include yellow, orange, red and white. However, there are also some rare colors such as lilac, peach, purple and even green.

Gladiolus flowers come in a variety of shapes as well. Some popular shapes include single, double or semi-double. The petals can also be curved or flat.

The plant itself has long sword-shaped leaves that grow from the bulb at the base of the stem. It grows best in warm climates such as those found in Southern Europe and Africa.

Fun facts about Gladiolus Flower

  • Gladiolus is the official state symbol & flower of Punjab.
  • The common name comes from the Latin word gladius, which means “sword.” This refers to the shape of its leaves and buds when they first emerge from the ground.
  • There are over 2,000 species of gladiolus (Iridaceae family) in Africa, Asia and Europe, but only about 150 types have been developed into garden plants for cultivation worldwide today.
  • The gladiolus has sword-shaped leaves that are arranged in two ranks along the stem.
  • The flowers are usually pink, white or red but come in many other colors as well.
  • Gladiolus flowers bloom from July to September in the United States and from October through November in Europe.
  • There are more than 100 different species of gladiolus, which grow all over the world.

Why is Gladiolus the state flower of Punjab (India)?

The state flower Gladiolus is one of the most beautiful flowers found in India and has been used extensively in various art forms such as dance, music and poetry. It has been described as an emblem of love and devotion by many poets including Kalidas. The Gladiolus appears on many coins and currency notes issued by various countries like South Africa, Australia etc. Due to all these facts, Gladiolus was officially declared the national flower of Punjab.