Tulip: The National Flower of Turkey

Tulip Flower

The National Flower of Turkey is Tulip. Scientifically it can be named as “Tulipa”. The family association is Liliaceae, sub family of Lilioideae that belongs to the lily family, order of Liliales and kingdom of Plantae. The inborn countries of the flower are turkey, Afghanistan, Italy, central Asia ad also ranges to Netherlands, Greece, North Africa, Balkans etc.

The stylish and colorful flower only bloom for 3-7 days in the spring. There are several growing farms found in Holland because the weather in Holland is suited to tulip growing. Best growth depends upon the balance /right amount of sun so it should be choose an area where more chance of sunny environment exist.

Rhizomes plantation needs between 4 and 6 inches apart, that’s why it should be size plot accurate and appropriate. Plantation should be unchilled first if your area has cold winters with freezing temperatures. Refrain planting until soil temperatures measured at a depth of 6 inches (14 cm), fall below 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13 C).

Its several species grow best with full sun, in addition to this it can be better growth result if it can get at least 6 hours of sun each day. Besides this sometimes species grow in temporary/half or full shade. In case of fertilization not in well and good time in fall season. Then in that case you can also fertilize in late winter early spring, once the first green shoots appear.

To get best results we have to use high nitrogen, fast-release fertilizer. Cut tulips ever last in a bottle, cutting of stem should be diagnolized the stems, then wrap the upper two thirds of the flower in a newspaper funnel. The tulip will leave in cool water for single or two hour, after this remove the newspaper and re-cut the stems.

The flower should stay fresh for a week.After these the flowers look like brightly and colored. Its foothills inborn to  the Himalayas and Eastern Turkey, for better growing of tulips the best areas with cold winters and dry, hot summers. Maximum leaf of the flower leaf one bud, but very  few varieties have up to four on a single stem. Tulip flowers may be single, double, fringed, messy, or lily-shaped, depends on the type.

10 Facts About Tulip Flower: you should know

  • Tublent (tulip) is a native and most popular flower of Turkey.
  • It is mostly considered as kings of rhizomes (tubers).
  • It became significance life style flower within the arts and folklore.
  • In Turkey national flower Tulips became and important style of life, many embroidery and textile clothing handmade by women, carpets, tiles and miniatures had tulip designs or shapes.
  • It has 3,000 different varieties and 150 species.
  • It can be found in almost any color.
  • The color meaning changes with respect to environment as it has different meanings. For example the red flowers symbolize true love while purple represents loyalty.
  • Sometimes it is also called signal as it satisfy the definition of signal and conveys information about the arrival of spring.
  • It is also a symbol of the Parkinson’s disease Foundation main office in New York (Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that is chronic and progressive, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time).
  • Tulips were once the most expensive flower and In the 1600s. They were even said to cost 10 times more than a working man’s average salary in the Netherlands, making them more valuable than some homes(The time period where the flower was so expensive (around 1634 to 1637) is now known as “Tulip Mania).
  • Tulip can be used as onion in different recipies.It’s petals can be used in food that is edible.
  • For good growth it bends and twist to grow towards light (even in a jar)
  • The tulip was a topic for Persian poets from the thirteenth century. In the poem Gulistan by Musharrifu’d-din Saadi, described a visionary garden paradise with ‘The murmur of a cool stream / bird song, ripe fruit in plenty / bright multicolored tulips and fragrant roses.
  • Red or yellow tulip was a declaration of love use as gift, the flower’s black center representing a heart burned by passion.
  • This beautiful flower resembles with shape of emblem of iran , in memory of the people who died for Iran.

Tulip Flower Meaning


Tulip Flower

The name tulip comes from the Persian turkey word tulbent or turban. The word tulbent denoting the Sultan’s turban headdress which the flower resembled in shape. It also mean in general category perfect love.

Why is Tulip the National flower of Turkey ?

Different countries of the world select their endemic plants or flowers to represent their geographical location. Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know the national flower of Turkey.

It is believed about the Turkish national flower that is actually comes from Holland as it is also the national flower of Holland country. But the fact is opposite tulips flowers are native to Central Asia and Turkey. The people who have no true knowledge about the flower they should be note that it was actually brought from turkey to Holland in sixteenth 16 century. After that it become popular in those countries.

Turkey has 1st position among several countries as it is rich in tulip as compared to Holland and Afghanistan. The people of Dutch export daffodil and also this flower throughout the world that’s why some people also think that it is originated from Netherland. But the fact is that it was cultivated with many varieties in turkey a long time ago before it reach in European countries.

It was used by Canada and Australia also as the national symbol and later it was followed in many countries of the world. Some countries claim that it was originated there also followed their centuries old historic or religious significance of any particular flower of plant and adopted that. But it is

much associated with Netherlands and other European countries but only few of us know that this significant flower was originated in the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountain ranges of Afghanistan, turkey and central Asia.

In the Persian Empire Tulip was named as “Laleh” and it was grown in Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and other parts of Central Asia. Most of this flower found in Holland their farms in Holland are located in the Noordoostpolder (Northeast polder), in the province of Flevoland, and in the area known as the Kop van Noord-Holland.

The world’s highest and richest  producer and exporter of tulips are turkey with around three billion exported each year. Due to the culture importance sultan headdress shape resemblance and long history of tulip in turkey it becomes the national flower of turkey country.

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Tulip: The National Flower of Turkey
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