What is the National Flower of California?

national flower California

Poppy or California poppy is the official & national flower of California. Its scientific name is Eschscholzia californica. It belongs to the family of Papaveraceae, order of Ranunculales and kingdom of Plantae.

Poppy flower has been used as a representative symbol of Palestine. Based on various species Poppy’s scientific name is papaver and Anemone Coronaria. It is a garden ornamental flower belongs to Poland and Eastern Europe. The beautiful flower was recognized and published by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus for the first time in 1753 by the name plantarum species. Besides garden beauty, it is also used in drugs (opium) and various medicine.

Classification Of Poppy Flower

  • Flower Public Name:  Poppy or California poppy
  • Color:   Red, Blue
  • Shape:  little star
  • Family:  Papaveraceae
  • Order:   Ranunculales
  • Genus:   Coronaria
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Petals:  Four (04)
  • Native Areas:  Poland, California, Iran, China, Palestine, Netherlands  and Eastern Europe
  • Height : 70 centimeter  
  • Blooming season:  Winter, starts  from Dec to May
  • Resemblance: opium poppy flower
  • Symbol and Meaning:  Peace, death and sleep
  • Useful uses:  relieve pain, Dried latex and opium, garden beauty, cooking oil and Salad
  • Similarity to: Red Rose & Corn Flower

10 Facts about California Poppy Flower

  • Poppy or Palestinian poppy is the native and most popular flower of Palestine country.
  • It is herbaceous annual, two-yearly or short-term persistent plants
  • It is monocarpic that is failing/die after flowering happened in few species.
  • Height of the plant is 3.3 feet.
  • It has four to six petals.
  • The seeds of this plant persist in the soil for 8 years.
  • The numbers of seed per flower can range from 10,000 to 60,000.
  • It exists in various colors like white, blue, yellow, pale purple, pink, orange, violet and red.
  • During the American war of drugs in the 1970’s which was targeted on Turkish, the flower plant create negative expression/thoughts in United States of America.
  • The Sumerians people plant the poppy from early 3,400 B.C.E. and use it for medicinal and entertaining purpose.
  • In Game of Thrones  use of poppy  in medicine was revised on the name of a “milk of the poppy”
  • Due to its popularity, it is transported on the famous Silk Road throughout the Asia.
  • It was also used in the poem of world war-I for inspiration.
  • American and French charities for the purpose of war used it fororphans, widows troupers and Food for the people of France.
  • The Persian literature quotes the red species of poppies as love and romance.
  • during the Second Battle of Ypres  on the evening of the 2 May, 1915 the Major John McCrae’s written a poem Flander Fields, in the memory of one of his best friend Alexis Helme
  • It was also great importance by using the term opium war which was happened in 1800s, a trading dispute between Great Britain and China.
  • It is mostly used in memorial and Funerals activities, particularly in the memory of military personnel that died in wars for soldiers
  • For restful sleep in people suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness)
  • Featuring on grave in the memory of family member as gift
  • On occasion of love expression
  • During festivals or other special events for beauty and decoration.
  • In Mesopotamia it is used from early 5,000 BC ornate plants.
  • The tradition of Greek use it in the meaning of the goddess of fertility and agriculture.
  • Peace agreement Day of World War-I (Remembrance Day) uses the flower as symbols.
  • For died soldiers in wars it is eminent in Commonwealth
  • A group of companies name Grupo Modelo famous Corona beer maker in the country of Mexico. It uses the poppy flowers as advertising imageries since the 1960s.
  • In countries, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Australia it becomes the symbol of Corning Glass Works due to its beautiful nature and multiple social use, attractiveness.
  • One type that is red poppy is the national flower of Poland
  • It provides freshness/relaxation to tired eyes also it is used as herbal medicine for eyes related. Its blue color and historical significance it has been prized and used for prize.
  • It denotes the Swedish political party and Estonian political party, People’s Union, the Liberal People’s Party, National Coalition Party.
  • Due to its attractiveness, it is presented on the back of Canadian $20 currency notes.
  • Coat of arms of Royal College of Anesthetists is featured by Opium poppies.

Poppy or California poppy flower meaning:

  • Since 1921 the flowering poppy is used in the meaning and memory of armed forces died in world war-I with the name of field poppy.
  • Dynamic imagination
  • It is also used in the meaning of Peace, death and sleep.
  • In various countries family members use it as Consolation for a loss or death.
  • Memorize Chinese & British Opium war world war-I
  • Use in the meaning of Messages conveyed in dreams
  • Rebirth and everlasting life
  • Beauty and success
  • Indulgence and superfluity

Why is poppy the national flower of California?


The Ministry of Environmental Affairs (California ) had adopted “Poppy Flower” as the native and official flower of Palestine. The government declares It as Palestine national flower on unknown date.

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It is pertinent to mention that the national flower of a country may represent and should relate with the history, culture, and tradition of a nation. The motherland flowers support and strengthen the country’s image to the world and play a vital role in maintaining the true qualities of the nation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s discuss California state flower.

The beautiful flower star-like leaves, the red and blue color is attractive in various countries the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States for social use and countries like Swedish and Estonia use it in the political party’s symbol. Due to all the above-mentioned facts poppy becomes the national flower of California.