What is the State fruit of Meghalaya?

State fruit Meghalaya

Sohphie – Meghalaya state fruit

The state fruit of Meghalaya is the Sohphie. The Sohphie has been declared as the state fruit of Meghalaya by the government. It is loved by people of Meghalaya because it is sweet and juicy. People can eat it raw or cooked. It is good for health too.

Uses of Sohphie

The health benefits of Sohphie Fruit are many. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory, a diuretic, a laxative, and even as a weight loss aid.

It’s also high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which help to strengthen your immune system, boost collagen production, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Importance of Sohphie

The Sohphie tree is loved by people of Meghalaya because it has several benefits. It can be used in medicine, cosmetics and food products. The leaves are used as a natural pesticide and insect repellent. The bark is used as a tonic for stomach problems while the root can be used to treat skin diseases like leprosy. It also helps with diabetes, jaundice and piles. Sohphie is an important part of the Meghalayan culture and tradition.

Why is Sohphie the State fruit of Meghalaya?

Sohphie is the state symbols and fruit of Meghalaya because People of Meghalaya considers it as their national fruit. Sohphie is also known as Chhota Badan, it is a kind of orange colored citrus fruit, which is very tasty and sweet to eat. It has many health benefits too. So due to all these facts the Government declared it as the state fruit of Meghalaya.