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Corn Flower: The National Flower of Germany

Corn Flower Germany National Flower

Corn Flower

The National Flower of Germany is Corn Flower also commonly known as the bachelor’s buttonbluebottleboutonniere flowerhurtsickle or Cyani flower. Its scientific name is Centaurea cyanus . It belongs to the family of Asteraceae, tribe of  cynareae, the order of Asterales,genus of centaurea and kingdom of Plantae.

Its native countries are Europe and united kingdom.but it is mostly found in Europe its habitation in UK is very rare. Because it is declined from approximately 265 sites to only three 3 sites in the last fifty 50 is yearly flower is sixteen to thirty five (16-35) inches tall.

Its stems grow with gray green color branches. Its leaves length is one to four 1-4 centimeters and its shape is like a lance head. Most of the time the flower color is dark blue and its production takes place in plant flower heads, whose diameter varies between 1.5 and 3 centimeter.

Its flower heads have surrounded by a group of disc florets with several large ring.

The blue color or stain is protocyanin just like a red color in roses . Its blooming and flowering period is probably continuous throughout the year especially in full summer.

It is the beauty of gardens and grows especially as ornamental plant. Canadian florists grown it for the cut flower industrial use. Different color variety comes in this category which ranges from doubled blue variation such as ‘Blue Boy’ or ‘Blue Diadem’. White, pink, lavender and black (actually a very shady maroon) also rarely use.In relation to Centaurea cyanus the  Centaurea Montana is a persistent flower is also cultured as garden has the special property of developing rapidly after plantation.

iIt needs complete sun for better growth. It needs high average water in routine. Its soil with a PH level of neutral (6.6-7.5) to mildly alkaline (7.6 – 7.8). Different soft colors have been selected by various cultivars.

10 Facts about Corn Flower

  • Corn flower is the native and most popular flower of Germany country.
  • Corn plant flower color is blue like Iris Tectorum flower.
  • It is about more than 50 petals flower.
  • Its blue species also the national flower of Estonia country since nineteen sixty eight 1968.
  • Regular bread to the people of Estonia is symbolizes by this flower.
  • It is also the represents the Estonian political party, Finnish political party, People’s Union, the, National Coalition Party, Liberal People’s Party.
  • Corn flower is also represent the Swedish political party.
  • From last century it is featured as the symbol of social liberalism.
  • On 11th November 1918 a day of peace agreement in France is celebrated as a symbol of this flower.
  • It is also use as common symbol for old-time troupers (especially the nonoperational poilus of World War I).just like the poppy flowers worn in the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • It is considered as useful wild flower.
  • It can be use for food especially for cooking decoration e.g it adds more beauty and taste to salad
  • As a herbal medicine its splash/fluid is very effective in conjunctivitis(eyes related) .also provide freshness to tired eyes.
  • For its blue color and historical significance it has been prized and use for prize.
  • In the mixture of tea and herbal tea it is use as ingredients.
  • It is well known for the modern invented tea known as lady grey which is the variation of Earl Grey tea. It is scented with oil of bergamot (orange size citrus fruit).
  • It is worn by young men for the purpose that he is in love in was believed that the man love was not give back if the flower pale or washed-out very fast.
  • The province of Swedish Ostergotland has recognized it as official flower.
  • It is known as the favorite flower of the founder of school , Winchester College and  Dulwich College and also imprinted on school and college logo.
  • It is imprinted on the Logo of Conservative People’s Party of Estonia.
  • In 2006 it was worn by members of the Freedom Party  at the opening of the Austrian parliament.
  • In Germany it is also considered as romantic and inspirational flower.
  • It is also the official symbol of annual German –American steuben parade because of its traditional association.
  • It is the symbol of motor neuron disease( a specific disease use in volunteer muscle that causes  death of neurons) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • The students of the independent boarding school that is Horrow School in London England and the boys are famous on the name of Harrovians also wore cornflower sometime.
  • Because of its attractiveness and useful uses Corn Flower becomes more popular in United Kingdom, Canada ,United States  and Australia that’s why it become the symbol of Corning Glass Works.

Corn Flower meaning:

Corn Flower Blue

The word corn flower means especially corn means “grain” such as (wheat, barley, rye, or oats). It also uses in the meaning of friendship, Wealth, prosperity, fortune. It is also use as a symbolic meaning in Estonia as bread.

Why is Cornflower the national flower of Germany ?

Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation. All the national flowers signify certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know the German national flower.

The beautiful and most attractive flower that is cornflower having blue color is the national flower of Germany. Actually its history goes dates back to the story when Queen Louise of Prussia was escaping Berlin (Germany) and Napoleon’s forces were continuously following her.

Due to the fear of the force she concealed/covered her children in a field of cornflowers. She did this covering by interlacing circlets around him using flowers of cornflower.

From that time the has got unique identification with Prussia as it was the same color as the Prussian military uniform. When German get association or confederacy in 1875 after that it become a symbol of the country. Because of this unification the blue color flower in Australia becomes a political symbol for all German and the people of rightist ideas or traditionalist.

In addition to this after the identification of this flower it become the routine of unmarried men and women to communicate their marital status by wearing the flower in their buttonhole. So due to its historical background and relation with pan-german it becomes the national flower of Germany.

Some other similar flowers are: cosmos flower, blue flower corningware and Blue water lily flower