Cattleya Orchid/labiata: The National Flower of Brazil

Cattleya Orchid Brazil National Flower

Cattleya Orchid Flower

The National Flower of  brazil  is Cattleya Orchid also known as Crimson Cattleya or Ruby-lipped Cattleya . Its scientific name is Cattleya. It belongs to the family of a Orchidaceae, sub family of  Epidendroideae ,order of Asparagales ,Tribe of Epidendreae, sub tribe of Laeliinae and kingdom of Plantae.

It is basic species of cattleya and introduced in eighteen hundred eighteen 1818 in brazil. Mostly found in northeastern area of Brazil. Often grows in Pernambuco and Alagoas can grow in different sizes and shapes depends on the root or origination area.

The Orchid flower grows in Pernambuco state are smaller and have visible color ,most of them come out in the form of lilac.the beneath portion of the Brazilian flower is a dark lilic color.

On the other hand The Orchid flower grows in Alagoas state are bigger and large in size. Class of this flower contain different varieties like cattleya labiata var. Semialba, this species greater number of  white flowers in relation with finishing touch of yellow. The semialba have also in relation with lilac in small part of the plant.

This class of Cattleya is air plant or aerophyte. Thats why its growing improvement is possible only where light intensity is more easily accessible and in large amount.

The growing setup is extend  from land to rocks with addition of very little amount of soil.due to this two reason it is most abundantly available in brazil and its surrounding states. Actually it is a medium sized  one leaved (uni foliate) plant.

The size of its root stalk or rhizome is also mid has long leaves  with a hard (coriaceous) steadiness. Due to this hardness and a short dry season the trees becomes rare.

In order to fulfill water needs every plant has bulb/rhizome(pseudo bulb) or storage organ having inner side of the every leaf to store water and nutritive substances during the short dry season. During the damp/rainy season new leaves grow rapidly, producing a large flowered inflorescence.

The resultant growing flower appears in white or lavender color with a shadier/darker spot in the rim or brink.

The  Pollination process is achieved by insects. Most of the time the pollination is the result of scent collecting male euglosine bee.

As a result of this we get a capsule consist of very large number of seeds ranges from ten thousand to twenty thousand mostly(10000-20000).

The diploid chromosome(an organism having the normal amount of DNA per cell)That is two sets of chromosomes .

The number of Cattleya orchid/labiata has been determined by various method which shows that as 2n=40, 41, and 46. On the other hand The haploid chromosome number which is single as compared to diploid the number of Cattleya orchid/labiata  has been determined by various methods as as n = 21 and 21.

10 Facts about Cattleya Orchid labiata Flower

  • It is the native and most popular flower of Brazil country.
  • Its common name is Corsage Orchid.
  • Cattleya Orchid/labiata flower color is yellow and pink.
  • Due to its popularity, beauty and scent it is famous on the name of queen of the orchids.
  • It has the capability to grow well at domestic temperature ranges from 65 to 70 Degree farnheight in day time and fifty eight (58-60) degree at night time.
  • Cattleya Orchid flower consist of one hundred (113) and thirteen species (types) of orchid.
  • It was named in 1824 by John Lindley after William Cattley.
  • Due to its importance it was shifted to   Glasgow Botanic Gardens for identification and careful growth in 1817.
  • The action movie Columbiana played by film director Zoe Saldana is named  Cattleya . The main theme of the film was to show the characteristics of Colombian flower as Brazilian flower calling card.
  • The flower was most portion of the Columbiana movie poster.
  • It is observed mostly the anti-flower due to its geometric shape which cover soft, antithesis, rounded curves.
  • Its unusual quality make it interesting and suitable.
  • Its bouquet/bunch or flower plant is mostly presented as gift to somebody on special occasion.
  • It is long-lasting, well-designed, and stylish type of species.
  • The sophisticated look draws immediate attention, impress environment and make the sense of innocence.
  • Different variety of the flower have different meaning some have special meaning, one species express right message. The message can be, Happy wedding, Thank you, Happy anniversary or congrats on promotion.
  • It would be a special gift on the occasion of baby birth or expecting baby because of its investing quality in child born.
  • In England (Victorian) Cattleya orchid count as responsibility and luxury.
  • It is found rarely, nearly found in tropical would be the rich person who can buy this species.
  • Despite luxurious and charming beauty it is knows as a symbol of rare and soft beauty.
  • In some country It also means a graceful women.
  • It also use as symbol of love and friendliness.
  • It is environment independent and also temperature resistant that’s why it bloom in any condition.
  • Pink color used in Orchid for the expression of pure love and affection.
  • It denotes charm and often use on the celebration of mother’s day.
  • Early Chinese interpret this flower as the symbol of many children.
  • In Chinese tradition it also shows refinement and innocence.
  • In japan it is known as the symbol of wealth and nobility.
  • Samurai warriors of japan would travel for miles being as fond of this flower search everywhere and bring back to the royal court.
  • Successful back would be considered as bravery.
  • The Aztec(ethnic group of mexico) were used to drink the mixture of chocolate and vanilla orchid to gain strength and power.

Cattleya Orchid Flower Meaning

Cattleya Orchid Flower

Cattleya Orchid Flower

The Brazilian flower  was named in connection with  William Cattley and given by John Lindley in 1824 .

The inventor  received and was the first to bloom a specimen of labiata flower. In ancient Greece it is believed to the symbol of fertility and virility, In addition it is also believed that consumption of this flower investigate the sex of an unborn child. If the father of an unborn child is large then women will birth a boy.

On the other hand it would be girl. Rareness and charming beauty is also comes in symbolic meaning. It also means a graceful women.

Why is Cattleya orchid the national flower of Brazil ?

Every country has unique emblems which range from anthem, uniform, tree, bird, animal and a flag alongside this country also have a national flower to represent its gardens, trade and forest habitation.

All the national flowers signifies certain principles that a nation stands for. Let’s know the Brazil national flower.

It is long-lasting, elegant, and stylish flower. It is full of unique qualities which range from child born determination, can grow anywhere, rareness, attractiveness and long lasting nature.

As the country of brazil has a large number of flower species but this one have unique and more demand comparatively. That’s why Cattleya brings / Cattleya orchid becomes the most popular and national flower of Brazil country.

Some other similar flowers are: Lily flower, Iris Flower and Golden Wattle Flower

Cattleya Orchid/labiata: The National Flower of Brazil
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